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 970 reviews
 by Leah
State: MD
Contact Info: 443-655-2834

India Blue Silver Pied Peacock available!

7 months old

Spring Chicks 2023

Silver Pied

India Blue

India Blue Pied

India Blue Silver Pied


 by Jake
Juvenile peafowl
City: Springfield
State: Missouri
Contact Info: Call or text 417 901 0497

Juvenile Peafowl, 6 months old, near Springfield MO.

Spalding, Pied and India blue available.

Call or text for details and photos


 by Bond
Java green peafowl and peacocks Birds!!
City: Macon
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 551 587 8560

Java green peafowl available now . Adult hens and males pairs. Prices are negotiable.

I prefer Text than calls . Text me at 551 587 8560.

 by Terry
Peafowls, Pheasants and Mute Swans
City: Crescent City
State: CA
Contact Info: 6788272205

We have peacocks, peahens, pheasants and mute swans, all gamebirds available now



Indian blue

Java green

Peace, Pied and more,

Mute Swans available

Email , call or text for info.

We accept local pickup, buyers can visit for deal in person

 by Renee Hrubovcak
City: Williamstown
State: VT
Contact Info: Reneeh1940@gmail.com

I am looking to purchase peafowl locally in Vermont. I am starting and early ed program for children and have an aviary for the birds habitat and can be safely viewed by children. Does anyone in Vermont or New Hampshire have Peas for sale?

 by Diane Moomey
Peacocks for sale
City: Riverdale
State: Michigan
Contact Info: Diane

I have peacocks and peahens for sale. Spring 2021 and 2022 hatches… India Blue and black shoulder… well fed birds. Healthy… in michigan

 by Trisha Myers
Young peafowl for sale
City: Mc Cormick
State: SC
Contact Info: 803-292-2415

1 cock, 1 hen. Pied color. Born July 3rd. $200 each. .

 by larry shea
free range pefoul
City: newville
State: pa
Contact Info: 717 254-3545

blue peacocks for sale very beautiful one and two year old males ours are not caged in and can roam around the property.

 by Kenroy B Teague
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

We have for sale

2 white breeding hens

2 purple pied breeding hens

1 blue pied breeding hen

1 blue breeding hen

1 purple black shoulder breeding cock

2 blue 2 years old cock

1 purple 2 years old cock

4 purple one year old hen ready to breed next year

2 blue one year old hens ready to beed next year

10 blue one year old cocks

1 purple one year old cock

 by Keith Delatte
India Blue Black Shoulder
City: Thibodaux
State: Louisiana
Contact Info: 985-227-3234

1 - Male Peacock 1 yr old $60.00

3 - Peahens 6 months old $60.00 each

All India Blue Black Shoulder

No Shipping

Pickup Only Thibodaux, LA

 by Kent
*Indian Blue Peafowl quality BIRDS**we do Delivery $$
City: Amana Colonies
State: Iowa
Contact Info: 201 357 0646

Hatched Summer 2022 Indian Blue peafowl from quality stock. Males and females up to 12 birds available.The birds are available now and ready to leave now.

We want lovely homes with experience.Location is 52203.

Ask any worries and talk to me through Text on 201 357 0646...

 by Ben
White Peacock/Peachicks Chicks .......
City: Alamosa
State: Colorado
Contact Info: frankent96@gmail.com

Very happy and healthy white Peachicks for sale, around 4 months old. To go to a good home, very healthy birds with character. The birds are pure breed.They will come with paperwork and cage.Can be delivered to your home.My name is Frank and i am a breeder for years.

We have both chicks and adults white birds..

I'm available for questions about the birds at


 by Joey
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Contact Info: vetvena@atlanticbb.net

Yearling male india blue peacocks for sale $75 OBO. Pick up only- Johnstown, PA

 by GiGi
Pea chicks and adults
City: Hampton
State: GA
Contact Info: 404-731-2482

Pea Chicks hatched May 2022 - 1 male & 2 hens to sell in one lot. Also 1 & 2 yr olds these are all India Blue purple mix. Beautiful & Socialized friendly birds. Will eat out of your hand + some allow petting. Good homes needed **Cash only ** pick up in Hampton GA 30228 no shipping. Have tons of pics.

 by Brennen
City: Bennet
State: NE
Contact Info: 512-796-6798

Hello, I am looking for a pair of Peachicks. I am located In Bennet Nebraska on 30 acres. I will pay extra for shipping.


 by Jack
Trio JAVA GREEN Peafowl (one male two female)--Excellent Birds !!!
City: Topeka
State: Kansas
Contact Info: 3322035217

Selling my trio of Java Green Peacocks due to downsizing stock. They are ready to leave now. One male and two females. One female has some white which is quite common in Javas. Collection or courier at 66012.


 by Morgan M.
12 week old indian blue & black shoulderd chicks with Cage***
City: Mount Laurel
State: New Jersey
Contact Info: 9255173681

5 pea chicks, 4 Indian Blue and 1 Black shouldered chicks for sale. 12 weeks old, 2022 naturally hatched. Ideal age to establish in a new location sexes not confirmed but i believe 1 Indian blue male 3 female and 1 Black shouldered female, would make a lovely starter group but wont breed for about 3 years. All out door reared by the mother so good hardy birds, The adult in the photos is NOT included in the sale would prefer them to go together or pairs, NO single sales. Serious buyers only no time wasters.

Drop a text at 925--517--3681

 by Shirley Sarah
Young Peachicks and Adult Peacock Peahen
City: Mount Pleasant
State: Michigan
Contact Info: 4088378541

Three unsexed peachicks, must go together. Calm birds but not been handled much. Older birds are very tame so you can work with them to make them that way if you require.Local Collection is possible.

Call & Text me at 408-837-8541

 by Dawn Runnebohm
Peachicks for sale
City: Shelbyville
State: Indiana
Contact Info: 317-753-4060

I have 10 pea chicks for sale. Gender unknown. A mix of white and Blues. I would prefer to sale all as a one group but could split them up but must take at least 4. $35 each or all 10 @ $25 each.

 by Terry
babies for sale
City: Longview
State: Washington
Contact Info: 360 423-1962

Mamma Josephine had 3 babies on June 14 of this year. 2 females, 1 male - beautiful but ready to find a new wonderful home. Please call. Josephine is a Black Shoulder, father is a Spaulding.

 by Brad
City: Manns Choice
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 814-289-5365

I’m in Bedford co Pennsylvania 15550.

I have peachicks, peahens, and peacocks

Also red golden Phesants 2022 hatch single males and pairs

I do not ship



1 Purple pied WE black shoulder 2 yrs old

1 Montana 3 yrs old

1 white 5 yrs old

1 midnight white eye split black shoulder 3 yrs old



IB some split opal, some split white, some split silver pied all 2-4 years old

1 Indian blue white eye 3 years old

2 IB split Montana 2-3 yrs old

1 taupe white eye

1 white hen 5 years old

2022 most of this group will carry various patterns and will be split to other colors

Most of the chicks that aren’t pied or white are split white, pied, or silver pied


Opal pied

Opal blackshoulder


Black shoulder


Silver pied



 by Chris Gentile
Multiple Peafowl for Sale!
City: Pierce County
State: WA
Contact Info: chrisgentile2022@gmail.com

We have many peafowl for sale! We have:

1) 3 yr old named Blue who is a IB but darker hue! Proven breeder!


2) Stunning 2 yr old Emerald Spaulding!! Proven breeder!


3) We have a 4 yr old IB! Proven breeder!


4) We have an IB Peahen! Great mother!


5) We have two white peahens! Proven mother's!


#1 and #2 were wild but we had to rescue them. They are very sweet, never attacked and will eat out of your hand. All are proven breeders with offspring!

Price is negotiable and we are able to transport for a flat $250 fee plus $2.30/mile.

We are open to trades for running cars/trucks/tractors, land, etc.

We have been hand raising and rescuing peafowl for over 5 years now. We have dozens of farms that now house our peafowl including Point Defiance Zoo

Email me with questions, offers, etc! Pictures are stunning!

 by Joel hudlow
Peahens for sale
City: Damascus
State: Maryland
Contact Info: 240-446-2530

Have 2 and 3 year old violetta hens 150 have 2 purple silver pied 4 years old 125 each have cameo pied hen 3 years old 150

 by Vera
PURE BREED Pair of Indian Blue Peafowl. Peacock and Peahen $$$$$
City: Carson City
State: Nevada
Contact Info: 551-587-8560

Beautiful pair of Indian Blue Peafowl, one male, one female.

These two are a stunning pair, and I will be really sorry to see them go, so please only get in touch if you can supply a good home for them. They need quite a bit of space, and do not like overcrowding.

18 months old, so his eye feathers are yet to come in, although he does display, which is a joy to watch.

Please be aware that Peafowl are excellent jumpers, and will require high fences to keep them in.They're lovely birds

Only available as a pair, these birds have been together for most of their lives, and go everywhere together, they get distressed if separated. Willing to allowing Viewing and Pickup..

Text me for more info.......551-587-8560

 by Trevia Mantz
State: New York
Contact Info: 719-287-6970

I am looking for a pair of peafowl, peachicks, or single peacock. Near Newark NY.

 by Mikala
Looking for peafowl - OREGON
City: Rainier
State: Or
Contact Info: 5038011800

Looking for peacocks to add to

Our homestead 20 acres in Oregon. Willing to drive to Wa

 by Sanchez Simo
**Breeding peafowl group 2 trios ✓✓
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin
Contact Info: 3322035217

I have 2 trios breeding peafowl group ready to leave

They are just in moult now so are looking as colourful as usual. I don’t have the time for these beautiful birds anymore and need some more space so I’m selling up. The pair is made up of 6 and it’s a bargain as they are breeding ages and would provide young next year! Location is Milwaukee and for more questions please text me at (332-203-5217).. I also have about 30 guineafowl left too for viewing and pick-up.

 by Emelda
Peacock 🦚and 3x Peahens White Laying❤️.
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 9255173681

Currently we have the following available..

3x White Peahens

1x White Peacock

All happy and healthy.

The girls laid for the first time this year.

Selling due to moving house and they can be picked up.

Text/Calls for enquiry at 925-517-3681.

 by Kiran Gunnam
Looking for peahen and peafowl
City: Catlett
State: VA
Contact Info: 5403002110

Looking for peahens and peafowl. Preferably 2 plus year.

 by BlueHart Silkies
Sonja’s Violeta’s, Purple, Pied and White Peafowl
City: Hartford
State: Michigan
Contact Info: 269-599-7070

6 months and up Sonja’s Violeta’s, Purple, Pied and White Peafowl.

Dewormed before departure, only on ground after 6 months.

Prices range from $75-$350 depending on color and age.

Text: 269-599-7070 Pick-up only in Hartford, Mi

Facebook: Message BlueHart Silkies

 by Maria
collection of Peachicks/ Peafowl available 5wks onwards, verity of colours
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
Contact Info: 4088378541

Beautiful Peachicks available (un sexed)

We have left available

X1 Opal 5weeks

X3 Bronze 5weeks

Off heat

X3 white 4 months

X1 Pied 3.5 months

X1 Indian Blue 3.5 months

Please contact me with any questions

Text me at 4088378541.I prefer text than calls..

 by Frank. Benson
select and collect Both Chicks and Adult Indian Blue Peahens, Pied, Back shoulder and White ** etc
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Contact Info: frankabenson7@gmail.com

Adult Indian Blue Peahens, Pied, opal Backshoulder and White peahens for sale.

Various adult peahens for sale , they will be laying this spring .

Available are Indian Blue, opal Blackshoulder , Pied and Whites.

Prices start at $100 chicks and $300 for an adult Indian blue peahen.

Also available limited number of adult Java Green Peanhens.

I respond to questions on my email at frankabenson7@gmail.com

 by Joey
yearling peacock for sale
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Contact Info: vetvena@atlanticbb.net

yearling indian blue peacock for sale $100. Pick up only in Johnstown, PA

 by Jaclyn Fults
Looking for peafowl in TN
City: Franklin
State: TN
Contact Info: Jfults417@gmail.com

Looking in the middle tn area!

 by Breeann
Looking for Peahen or peachicks
City: Decatur
State: IL
Contact Info: 8124307515

Looking for peahens or peachicks. I have 2 male Indian blues but my peahen is now too old to lay. Also open to other colors of peacocks.

 by Raymond
Many different types of Peahens and Peacocks
City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Contact Info: 4088378541

Peacocks and Peahens of for sale. Hatched in May 2021 and hand reared. Collection only from 55122. We have varieties of colors and ages

My phone Number is 408-837-8541 for Text or call messages

 by Jim
Indian Blue peacocks 🦚
City: Napa
State: Ca
Contact Info: Jspatterson23@comcast.net

Two Indian Blue Peacocks, 3 months old. $50 each. Pick up only near Napa, CA 94558

 by Antonia
Baby peacock
City: Palm Bay
State: US-FL
Contact Info: 3215084287

Looking for baby peacocks to buy

 by Monroe M.
Peafowl,Peacock and Peachicks ready Now!! Local Pickup available**
City: Providence
State: Rhode Island
Contact Info: malcolmmonroe766@gmail.com

Peacock, peahen and peachick looking for a new home. Currently based in Providence. Healthy birds, recently wormed. Peacock is about 2 years old so will have a beautiful display of tail feathers next season. Peahen is a few years older. Peachick hatched this year.All ready to leave now. Inbox me at malcolmmonroe766@gmail.com if you want to get one or more.....

 by Bow
Peafowl day old chicks from peacocks and peahens
City: Illinois
State: Chicago
Contact Info: 925-517-3681

arious colors of on heat peafowl chicks for sale , Indian blue , pied , blackshoulder , white , opal, cameo, purple, silver pied and java green peafowl chicks for sale . New chicks hatching every week , these are too young to sex and require supplementry heat.

Prices are affordable for indian blue peachicks, others colors POA

Leave me a quick call or Text at (925-517-3681)....

 by Kerry
Baby Pea chick
City: Perkiomenville
State: PA
Contact Info: 215-234-9280

Hurry Hurry only 1 baby pea chick left! 6 weeks old, Un-sexed Mom & Dad Indian.

$95 pick up only

 by Simon
City: Boyertown
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: ntavoc@gmail.com

One male and female peafowl for $350. They are 1 and a half years old. Contact 484-714-5363 if interested.

 by Luis
Collect an Indian Blue Peacock Chicks. 6 months old. Peahens. Peafowl
City: Toksook bay 99637
State: Alaska
Contact Info: 5515878560

Two hen chicks for sale. 6 months old.

Healthy, happy and confident birds. Used to people, children, cats and dogs.

Both parents can be seen.

Ready to go to new homes now. My address is Toksook bay 99637

Call & Text me now on 551 xx 587 xx 8560

 by Tim
Peachicks - peafowl - peacocks .
City: Omaha
State: Nebraska
Contact Info: bumaelma@gmail.com

Peachicks 4 weeks old un-sexed Indian blues and a black shouldered x indian blue, any questions feel free to ask about the birds at bumaelma@gmail.com

 by Dan
Lots of peafowl
City: keyser
State: wv
Contact Info: abluechipstock@hotmail.com

I have 2022 peachicks in India blue, India blue pied, white, Opal, bronze and cameo, $50-$60

Also have 2021 opal and cameo males $125, 2021 Blk Shoulder and cameo hens $250

text 301-268-5345 if serious

 by Kenroy B Teague
City: Montgomery
State: ny
Contact Info: 8453619239

We have some peafowls ready for new homes.

A trio of mature white. The male three years old and two females about four years old.

A trio of black shoulder. A five year old male, a four year old black shoulder female and a four year old purple black shoulder female.

Some two year old males forsale.

Three blue males, one purple male and one white male.

some one year old for sale.

Fourteen blue males, one blue white eyed male, one purple male, five purple females and three blue females.

No shipping

 by Brown
Pickup for 2022 born peachicks. Peacocks. Peahens.
City: Birmingham
State: Alabama
Contact Info: reginabernise@gmail.com

7x Peachicks 5/6 weeks old un-sexed Indian blues and a black shouldered x indian blue. From healthy stock. Must have an understanding of keeping peacocks.

Collection is at my home. Request for a purchase through my email at reginabernise@gmail.com.

 by Todd
PICKUP Java Green Peafowl and Peacocks **
City: Oak Park
State: Chicago
Contact Info: brownjnrtodd@gmail.com

Available java green peafowl ready to leave now. Adult hens for sale and 2021 pairs and 2021 males. Prices start at $600 a pair .

Large secure pen and shelter required for these specialist peafowl.

My birds are easy to raise and come with food cage and paperwork.

If interested reach out to me at brownjnrtodd@gmail.com

 by Joey
peacock for sale, yearling
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Contact Info: vetvena@atlanticbb.net

2021 pied india blue peacock for sale. Healthy. Pick up only. $150.

 by Cameron
City: Geneva
Contact Info: Email only

Looking to buy 2 peachicks or adult makes

 by Suleyka
Trying to get a baby peacock
City: Wasco
State: California
Contact Info: (559)612-5409

Please someone call me I need a baby peacock my daughter wants one for her birthday so if you have one please call me!

 by Jim
Indian Blue peachicks, 2 months old, sexed
City: Fairfield
State: CA
Contact Info: mannguyenlcsw@gmail.com

8 Indian Blue peachicks, 2 month old, sexed. We hatched them in incubator, hand raised, and handled them regularly. They are very friendly, will eat off your hand, like to fly up and perch on your shoulders. $40/each. Pick up only. Will travel within reasonable distance to deliver.

 by GiGi
Pea Chicks and yearlings for sale
City: Hampton
State: GA
Contact Info: Text Gigi @ 404 731 2482

I have 1 male and 4 female india blue purple spalding mix and 4 unsexed white spalding for sale born May 18 ready to go on ground currently in pen off ground. I also have 1 yr olds and 2 yr olds for sale. Pick up no shipping - cash only

 by Carol & Cindy
Bronze Black Shoulder Male
City: Ellicott City
State: MD
Contact Info: 443.629.6295

Bronze Black Shoulder Male available. He’s 2 1/2 years old. Has fathered 2022 chicks. Please text message for photos. Pick up only - no shipping.

 by Carol & Cindy
White Peahen
City: Ellicott City
State: MD
Contact Info: 443.629.6295

[twitter name="name"]White Peahen (with touch of Spalding Green around eyes) available. She is 2 yrs old, has slight leg deformity that doesn’t affect her.in any way. Pick up only - no shipping. Please text for photos & discussion. $200

 by Carol & Cindy
Black Shoulder Peahen & Peachicks
City: Ellicott City
State: MD
Contact Info: 443.629.6295

Black Shoulder Peahen with 2 or 4 Peachicks. She is 2 yrs old & laying. We hatched 2 chicks via incubator - approx 2 mths old (male/female). She hatched 2 herself, approx 3 wks old (male/female). She is very protective of her babies - we prefer the 2 younger ones go with her. The older ones may be separated if needed. Please text for photos & discussion. Pick-up only - no shipping. Thank you!

 by Carol Shough
Peachicks or sale
City: Graham
State: Texas
Contact Info: 9405214079

Best little peachicks, purple, pied, and blackshoulder

 by Scott Cripps
Looking for baby pea chicks shipped, or local in N. California.
City: Dixon
State: CA
Contact Info: 832-622-2689

Looking for baby pea chicks shipped, or local in N. California.

 by Kristy Tippit
City: Mt.Zion
State: Illinois
Contact Info: 217-201-6189

Looking for a female for our male peacock. Located in Illinois.

 by Shura Audrey
Breeding Pairs Indian blue pied peahens 2021
City: Petoskey
State: Michigan
Contact Info: shuraaudrey@gmail.com

Good quality Indian blue pied peahens for sale, last years birds, strong and healthy.

Any questions please ask at shuraaudrey@gmail.com

 by Cory Myers
Pied peacock
City: Irvine
State: California
Contact Info: myerscory12@gmail.com

Beautiful pied boy. 2 years old this summer. Next year he will be fully mature and have his full tail feathers. Has been free ranging and has been regularly wormed.Zip code is 90026

My name is Myers Cory and My Email is myerscory12@gmail.com

 by wagen
COLLECTION OF 1x peacock & 2 peahens
City: Manchester
State: New Hamsphire
Contact Info: wagenriaemily@gmail.com

1x Male black shoulder, (2yrs old) 1 x female Black Shoulder, 1 x female Indian blue. both females are around 1 year.

I will be available for chat on ***wagenriaemily@gmail.com***

 by Rica Luareen
BUY and PICKUP a CHICK with Adult Peacocks and peahens ..........
City: Schenectady
State: New York
Contact Info: Ricalaureen02@gmail.com

I have various peacocks and peahens now available coming up to two years old , all very friendly and very use to lots of cars , machinery tractors chickens etc. Both Chicks and adults of Various colours are available.They are purebred and have been sexed already.They shall come with food,paperwork and cage.

Place an order at Ricalaureen02@gmail.com

 by John Jaynes
Looking for pea chicks
City: Salem
State: Or
Contact Info: 503-724-1204

Looking for pea chicks. My wife just got 2 baby chicks for her birthday last week and one just died. We had to wait 6 months for the order to arrive and I am hoping someone here has some for sale.

 by Rex
Viewing Our Trio of laying Peacocks x2 hens & 1 blue cock
City: Mission
State: Texas
Contact Info: rexraymond167@gmail.com

Trio of Peacocks for sale.

Hatched 2020

One Male & Two Females.

Roam free during the day and go into a shed at night.

Reason for selling, we have two Males and they are fighting over the Ladies.They come from a large Aviary farm.

We are keeping Three and selling Three. Viewing them is possible before buying!!

Prices and Pictures with any other details would be at rexraymond167@gmail.com

 by Lora
Young peafowl available
City: Flagler
State: Colorado
Contact Info: 7193490304

4 beautiful one year India blue male and females available $75 each, farm raised

 by Kerry
Peacock Babies!!
City: Perkiomenville
State: PA
Contact Info: 215-234-9280

We have peacock babies born on 7/13/22. $75 a peachick. Call 215-234-9280. Pick up only

 by Sharon Lincoln
Selling peafowl
City: Griffin
State: IN
Contact Info: lincolnsheri58@gmail.com

1 7 year old black shoulder. 2 younger India blue females and 1. One year old female. Need a farm home. $400. For all of them. Healthy add fertile. All feeders go with them. We just aren't able to keep them up. Especially in the winter. You will have to get them out of the peacock house and properly cage them for transportation.

 by martha dillard
City: leeseburg
State: AL - Alabama
Contact Info: mkarend1942@aol.com

i am looking for purple peafowl young audlt pair for sale

near me

 by Bree
Black Shoulder Peacocks
City: Nanjemoy
State: Maryland
Contact Info: Auybreeze3@gmail.com

Four Beautiful Black Shoulder Peacock (boys) (they are brothers 2 and 1/2 years old. They get along well with each other, but they are stressing their dad out. So I need to find the 4 son's good homes. Hopefully you have an aviary for them with shelter to protect them from predators (foxes,Coyotes, Hawks, etc) $300.00 each to good home. If you get 2 boys together, then discount $550.00 for 2 Peacocks. They are ready for next breeding season. They have tails, they will be even longer tails next breeding season. Auybreeze3@gmail.com

 by Bob bartley
Peachicks and eggs
City: Ravenna
State: Ohio
Contact Info: 330 984 5739

Indian Blue Male, Pied, Indian Blue and white hens. Chicks $40. Eggs $15.

 by Vick
4 x peafowl ready for a 5 * home. Home reared and friendly
City: Salida
State: Colorado
Contact Info: olemavick@gmail.com

Here we have 4 peafowl, hatched and then hand reared...… as in my experience Peahens have never been particularly good mum.

They hatched in September 2021 and are fully grown, healthy and relatively tame having being hand fed.

I think we have 2 cocks and 2 hens. All need to go together, as I am currently overstocked.

They are currently penned in after free-ranging all of their lives.

Lovely healthy birds looking for a new free range forever home.

For any information interested buyers should get me on


 by Erdman Game Farm
2022 Chicks for sale
City: Herndon
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 570-425-3364

I have extra straight run (unsexed) chicks :

Whites $60

India blues $40

Blue white eye $45

Purples $55

NPIP 23-357

You can see our birds on Facebook.

 by Robert
Looking for peacocks/chicks
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Contact Info: 702-738-7751

I live in Las Vegas and am looking for peacock eggs/chick/ or grown peacocks and turkeys.



 by Kathy
Looking to buy peacocks
City: Gates
State: Nc
Contact Info: 252 465 2158

Closer to me so i can drive and.

Meet in preson

 by Terry
Pickup indian blue 5yo peacock.
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
Contact Info: 408-837-8541

Indian blue peacock needing a good home. Proven fertile, quite tame only and ready to leave now as we lost both our peahens to the fox and don't think it's fair to keep him alone. Pickup is possible.

All Calls & Text should be directly to 4088378541

 by Yul
!!!!!Adopt a peafowl chick!!!!!!
City: Greenville
State: Alabama
Contact Info: reginabernise@gmail.com

They're weeks old, peafowl chicks

Still under heat and unsexed

Indian blue and black shouldered available

Collection is at Greenville Alabama.

Pm me at reginabernise@gmail.com.

 by Brian Coil
3 Peafowl for sale
City: Templeton
State: PA
Contact Info: 724-859-3109

1 peacock (8yo) and 2 peahens (5yo). Indigo blue, healthy and laying. Would like for these 3 to go together. Location 16259. Pick up only. $500 for all three.

 by Gina
Looking for a new home.
City: Anaconda
State: Montana
Contact Info: fabiolarodriguezgina@gmail.com

Male Indian Blue Peacock looking for a new home. Approx. 2 y/o. Would be suitable for someone looking for new breeding stock/ addition to existing flock.

My Name is Gina and my email for all questions is fabiolarodriguezgina@gmail.com

 by Ima
Wanting A Good New Home(Peacock)
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Contact Info: annabeldaisy2@gmail.com

Indian Blue Peacock. Hatched June 2020 . Parents are unrelated. Looking for new home and mate as mother is now sitting again.Zipcode is 89030 for pickup.

Direct all enquiry at annabeldaisy2@gmail.com

 by Valerie and Patrick Mays
Pea chicks available
City: Foyil
State: Oklahoma
Contact Info: Valerie or Patrick Mays

4 peachicks around two months old and 2 chicks three weeks old. Look to be black shoulder blue hens and 1 Spaulding, younger chicks unknown yet. $50.00 a chick no returns. These babies have not touched the ground. For more info message us or text 918-443-7804 Pick up only

 by Darlene
Peachicks Available
City: Spring Branch
State: TX 78070
Contact Info: 210-748-0511

Peachicks, 6 different colors, different ages for sale in San Antonio, Texas area. Must be picked up, no shipping. LOVE MY HOBBY, LOVE MY BIRDS!

 by Sonia
peacocks and peahens, various colours
City: Big Spring
State: Texas
Contact Info: soniakaren46@gmail.com

Available for pickup with paperwork,cage and food.

Various colors including - Indian blue, black shoulder, white, opal, bronze, cameo.

1 year old, will start to breed next year, healthy birds.

Message me for prices at ( Soniakaren46@gmail.com)

 by Michael McMillan
Approximately a year old
City: Riverdale
State: CA
Contact Info: 559 777 0778

A brother and sister peacock

We're moving and they need to be rehomed.

Asking $100 each or best offer

 by Bob bartley
Peafowl Eggs and Chicks
City: Ravenna
State: Ohio
Contact Info: Bob

I have an Indian Blue male and Indian Blue, Pied and White hens. I have hatching eggs and newly hatched peachicks. Eggs $15, Chicks $40. Located at 8765 Cable Line Rd

 by Katie
Indian Blue peachicks
City: Fairfield
State: CA
Contact Info: man_nguyenthanh@yahoo.com

Weeks old healthy pea chicks (hatched between 6/6/2022 and 6/21/2022 for sale. $49 each. Pick up only. Will meet within reasonable distance to deliver. No shipping.

 by Jonhnny
Looking for peafowl
City: bakersfield
State: CA
Contact Info: JonathanDelgado555@gmail.com

looking for young peafowl or newly hatched. I have a large farm where they can roam freely. Located in Bakersfield, CA . Please email me JonathanDelgado555@gmail.com

 by Brad
City: Manns Choice
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 814-289-5365

Adult peahens available 10 to pick from. All are Indian blue most are split with other colors or patterns such as opal, silver pied etc. I do not ship. I’m asking $250 ea

I also have various chicks in different colors and patterns

 by Dan
City: Marlton
State: New Jersey
Contact Info: 609-724-5377

We have been raising happy healthy peacocks on our farm in Marlton New Jersey for over 50 years. We have peachicks available. Call or text Dan at 609-724-5377 to arrange for pick up. Thanks

 by Brad
City: Manns Choice
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 814-289-5365

2022 peachicks. I have the following available and other colors may be available depending on that weeks hatch silver pied, opal, purple, cameo, white, and Indian blue all in various patterns. I have some 2021 birds available including an unrelated pair of Indian blue split Montana the hen is white eye. Call or txt 814-289-5365

I do not ship

 by Jay Joseph
Looking for 2 peahens
City: Stonington
State: Ct
Contact Info: Hellojay@comcast.net

Looking no for 2 Indian blue peahens

 by Chris
City: Slocomb
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 334 790 3088

We have multiple chicks ready to go. All chicks are at least two weeks old.

India blue $40

Black shoulder $40

Whites $50

IB split bronze $60


Call or text for more info: 334 790 3088

 by ronald s. joyce
City: royersford
State: pa
Contact Info: 6104897801

i would like a Peahen for my single adult india Blue Peacock. Previous female died two weeks ago.

I will collect bird. It should be in reasonable distance of zip code 19468

 by David
Donald needs friends.
City: Odd
State: West Virginia
Contact Info: 304-894-5555

Donald is 2.5 years old and needs friends/mate. His mate passed away a year after we got the pair. Donald has been hanging out with the chickens but needs one of his own for company. Would prefer a female but a male would do as well. Will drive to pickup within reasonable distance to Southern WV. Please email and let me know what you have.

 by Chester Lilly
Peachicks for sale
City: Oakdale
State: LA
Contact Info: 1(318) 491-2437

I have peachicks for sale call me at 1(318)491-2437 I do not ship I'm in Louisiana

 by GiGi
Peafowl for sale
City: Hampton
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 4047312482

I have Peachicks that will be approx 6 weeks old July 15th - India blue mix with Purple, these are Spaldings. Have not been on ground yet. I have White, Pieds and India Blue purple looking. Also I have 1 year olds to 2 year olds for sale. Hens sold as pairs only. Pick up only no shipping, Cash only. Good homes needed 🙂 Please text me at 404 731 2482

 by Brenda
Purple peacocks
City: Guntersville
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 770-595-1104

Two male purple peacocks. Two years old.

For sale.

 by J Evans
Looking to Buy 1 or pair Peafowl
City: Berea
State: Kentucky
Contact Info: jdevans@live.com

Looking to buy 1 or a pair of peacocks for my granddaughter’s farm. Don’t want anything crazy expensive and call travel a couple hours within central Kentucky to pick up!

 by Jessica
Looking for pair of peafowls
City: Gray
State: GA
Contact Info: 4782210711

Looking for a pair of peacocks. Preferably young & small.

Email: jrowell234@yahoo.com

Local to GA please.

 by Darlene
2 White Peachicks for sale
City: Monroe
State: NC
Contact Info: Darlene

I have 2 pure white Peachicks for sale 1 week old. Not red eyed.

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