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 665 reviews
by Wanda on
2020 Hatch peafowl pairs
City: Reno
State: Nevada
Contact Info: Email brlracn3@yahoo.com

2020 Hatch pied pairs 2 pairs avaiable and

1 Male white peacock and 1 male cameo pied we peacock

by Janie on
Peahen wanted
City: Honea Path
State: South Carolina
Contact Info: 7178184773

I would like to purchase a female peacock

by Ashley Callaway on
Looking for IB Peahens near North Texas
City: Pilot Point
State: Texas
Contact Info: 214-605-7300

I just lost all my IB Peahens from a coyote attack lastnight. I am looking for some peahens that are 6 months or older. Please let me know if you have any available near North Texas. Thank you!

by Miriam on
City: Redding
State: Ca
Contact Info: bravomiriam968@gmail.com

I'm looking for peahens near redding, chico area or pairs.

by Becky Hering on
City: Deer Island
State: OR
Contact Info: 5034388913

Hi, looking for white pea hen or India blue willing to buy or trade for a male, I have 4 males and only 1 female

by Eli Konopka on
India Blue Peahen
City: Southampton
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 267-210-7389

Looking for India Blue Peahens either at or close to breeding age. We have a single India Blue peacock who is looking for a mate. Willing to drive within 2 hours to pick up. Text at:


by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

I have one pair of 2020 white peafowl, three 2020 black shoulder male, three 2020 India blue pied white eye male, three 2year old India blue hens and 1 four year old India blue male for sale. We are near to Middletown New York.

by Jessica Hubbling on
State: NM
Contact Info: hubbalaz@gmail.com

Looking to purchase 2 peahens. We regularly drive from New Mexico to Minnesota. We can pick up anywhere along that route (west TX, OK, MO, IA). Also willing to drive out of the way if needed (CO, NE, SD, WI). Thanks

by Stacy on
Need peahen ASAP
City: Monticello
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 770-490-0165.

I have a single male Spalding. In search of 1-2 females for him

by Stuart Mercer on
Pure white Peacock Wanted
City: Elkton
State: Va.
Contact Info: 540 421 7663

I have 3 pure white pea hens,2019, and will buy, trade, negotiate for an adult breeding pure white male. I have pure india blues,2020,for barter.

by herb pishion on
City: christmas valley
State: OR
Contact Info: 5414195110

wanted 2 to 4 peahens age not important just so they are female willing to pickup with in resonable distance call or email

by Melissa Cantu on
City: Purdon
State: Texas
Contact Info: 9034932427

I am look for so peahens for my male. Around 7 months old blues, blue pied, or purple pied

by Ronald Seagrave on
Green Peacocks & Hens Wanted
City: Dinwiddie
State: Virginia
Contact Info: 8045366241

Wanted at least a pair of green peafowl.

by Felix b Stephen on
White peacocks & hens wanted
City: Cambridge
State: NY
Contact Info: 3104552501

Hello, We have a large farm and are looking for peacocks and peahens of all types.

Also, my white male is lonely and in need of a couple of females.

Thank you

by Kayla on
Searching for black shoulder peahen
City: Olympia
State: WA
Contact Info: kayla_q@comcast.net

Searching for a black shoulder peahen, preferably hatched in 2020 or up to a few years older. Willing to drive down to Northern California or an equivalent distance East. Email: Kayla_q@comcast.net

by John Schultz on
Looking for Java Green Yearling Peacock
City: Stanfordville
State: NY
Contact Info: 9175338186

Willing to drive within 100 miles.

by Sandi on
IB hen wanted
City: Syracuse
State: NY
Contact Info: 314)395-7411(

Looking for 2 year old IB peahen. I currently have a breading pair but am looking to expand my flock as my current hen is a black shoulder of unknown age (she was a rescue). My male will be 3 this spring.

by Dakota on
Peafowl startup special
City: Troy
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 334.312.4075

I have 1 India blue hen, approx 4-5 years old and 2 juvenile peacocks. Both males are low percentage spalding, visual India blue. They are half brothers, both by a purple pied spalding peacock. One is from IB mother, irl there is out of Java Green hen. Both carry the recessive pied gene from father. They’ll be 1yr in the spring, so expect train and eye feathers in about 2 years. $600 obo for all 3 birds. Please call or text 334.312.4075

by Charles on
Looking for two IB pea chicks
City: Lorton
State: VA
Contact Info: 2403776352

I am looking for mate for my two 3 month Indian Blue peacocks.

Will drive 2hr for pick up and want two FEMALE Indian Blue pea chicks.

by Elissa Pond on
White 5yo Male for sale
City: Inola
State: OK
Contact Info: 9185500132

We have decided to sell our 5yo white make peacock.

No shipping. Local pick up or delivery only.

We are located in NE Oklahoma.

Asking $300 OBO

by Stacy on
Looking for java
City: Vista
State: CA
Contact Info: 7603314921

I have a female Java I rescued and a great enclosure plus an acre for free range in the day. I’d like to give her a male or a small group to be with. I run a bird rescue. Thanks.

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: New York
Contact Info: 8453619239

One four year old male India Blue and two India Blue hens - one two years old and one a year plus old. Would like to sell as a trio.

One India Blue Pied white eyed male 7 months old for sale.

by Sonya on
Looking for white peahen
City: Beacon
State: NY
Contact Info: 2293643709

Looking to purchase a white peahen for my flock - will travel up to 150 miles from Beacon NY

by Eli Konopka on
Looking for peafowl
City: Southampton
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 267-210-7389

Looking for peafowl or peachicks of any age. Preferably India blue, purple, white, or java. I have a large coop and nearly an entire acre of land fenced in. Just looking for some new additions to our family farm:) We have experience in raising peafowl and will take good care of them.

by Lisa on
Looking for two male peacock
State: PA
Contact Info: 5707305140

I’m looking for Java Green, white peacock, or purple peacocks. I can pick them up within 2 hours from East Stroudsburg. Text 5707305140. Thanks

by MM Sodich on
Looking for adult peafowl
City: Magnolia
State: TX
Contact Info: 2818385608

Looking to purchase adult India blue peafowl in the Houston, Texas area. Looking for a male but will consider a pair.

by Charllie Gomer on
2020 Peachicks
City: Gettysburg
State: PA
Contact Info: 7172532246

Many 2020 peachicks for sale.. Selling in pairs for single males. India Blue Silver Pied, India Blue Dark Pied, India blue split to Violeta, Violeta. Two year old Bronze Silver pied pair, Bronze Blackshoulder pair. Prices start at $75. Call or email. Well started and cared for peafowl.

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 845 3619239

I have three India Blue hens a year plus, five white, six purple hens, three India blue pied male, three pairs of black shoulder and several pairs of blue 2020 hatch for sale.

by Mary on
Need 2-3year old peahen
City: Mars Hill
State: NC
Contact Info: marycloud9@msn.com

I’m looking to buy or rehome a 2-3 year old peahen. Prefer India blue or white but possibly willing to consider other breeds. I can drive to pick her up within 4-5 hours. We live on a 40 acre farm with a great pen for nighttime. daytime they free range once appropriate. I currently have a beautiful peacock and he has one sweet hen now, she just hasn’t learned to sit on her eggs yet, so a proven good brooder would be a bonus. We are a sweet and loving family and take excellent care of our birds.

by Shannon on
ISO wanted to buy peahen
City: Omro
State: WI
Contact Info: hockeypoc@yahoo.com

I'm looking to buy a peahen or two within in an hour or two of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area. Any variety.

by Heather on
Trio peacock and two hens
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Contact Info: 6028821326

I have a set of 3 beautiful India blue peafowl. 1 male and 2 female. They have been raised together. I hatched them in April to raise money for college.

I am hoping to get $300 for the set.

I really want them to go to a nice home and stay together. Please text or call if you are interested.

602 882 1326

by Dennis Dupuis on
Peacock Breeding Pair & One Male
City: Deland
State: FL
Contact Info: 3524573266

NO CHICKS LEFT! ONLY 1 BREEDING PAIR AND 1 ADULT MALE ALL GO TOGETHER. Contact for more info. If interested please contact Dennis at 3524573266.$400

by Richard Simmons on
City: Tabor City
State: North Carolina
Contact Info: 910-640-7114

Peafowl India Blue and Black Shoulder males will be two years old in 2021 $120.00 and up.Taking orders for the 2021 season for Black Shoulder and India blue peachicks $25.00 and up each. For details call 910-640-7114 Tabor City North Carolina

by Bill Braley on
Need Green Java Peafowl, and other.
City: Mount Gilead
State: NC
Contact Info: (910)995-3290 or(704)962-6251

Need to purchase Peachicks or adult peafowls: Java Green, White peacock, Purple peahen. I am willing to travel a few hours to do a pick up. May text or call Bill at the number above.

by Esther on
2020 Peachicks
City: Bradford
State: Illinois
Contact Info: truffles122586@yahoo.com

I have a couple straight run peachicks from 2020

White, IB pied, IB silver pied white eyed

$45 each, save $5/ each if you buy 3 or more

Will also trade for whites, pieds

Located in north central Illinois

by Mickael Branham on
City: Hebron
State: IN
Contact Info: 2195104992

Looking for peahens. Preferably 3 years old or older but am interested in all.

by Jennifer on
4 free white peahens
City: San Antonio
State: TX
Contact Info: rfloydranger@gmail.com

Four white peahens (I THINK they are females) were released in my semi-suburban neighborhood. Many of my neighbors are not happy with them, so I would like to find them a home before they get hurt. They have been free range so far, so please only apply if you have a couple acres for them to roam. They are very friendly and would make a great addition to a family farm. All four must stay together and must be picked up.

by Malinda L Fiveash on
Looking for 2 peachicks
City: Molino
State: Florida
Contact Info: 850-982-0586

Looking for peachcks in my area

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: New York
Contact Info: 845 3619239

I have four female India Blue one year old, six three to four months old white, eight three to four months old purple, eight India blue pied three to four months old, twelve three to four months old India blue and six blacksholder for sale. Some of these I can identify male from female, but others, I am unable to sex.

by Carol Lay on
Looking for peachicks for a TN farm
City: Knoxville
State: TN
Contact Info: (865) 719-9774

Looking for possibly two peachicks to raise as pets.

by Vinay singj on
State: TX
Contact Info: 718-908-8808

Looking to buy white pair if you have any please give me call or send a text

by Larry Jacobs on
looking for peafowl 91311
City: Chatsworth
State: CA
Contact Info: 213 910 7770

Looking for several young or mid-aged females to diversify the gene pool of our local clutch which is predominately male!

Chatsworth Ca

willing to travel 125 miles


213910 7770

by Cheryl Tillia on
Male blue/slightly pied
City: New Castle
State: Pa
Contact Info: 7246365400

3 beautiful blue shouldered male 1 slightly pied male $150.00 nego

by Nadia on
White peahen for sale
City: hillsborough
State: NJ
Contact Info: nadia744@gmail.com

I have pure white peahen for sale. 4 years old. $300

by Jani on
Looking for Peafowl chicks
City: Houston
State: Tx
Contact Info: 281-623-9595

Looking to purchase some peafowl chicks. ASAP

by Ann Edwards on
India Blue Male
City: Amazonia
State: MO
Contact Info: 8162616578

India Blue Amal’s for Sale

George is 10 years old and beautiful. Needs a home with a female.

by Sheri Leavitt on
Beautiful peafowl
City: Kuna
State: IDAHO
Contact Info: 208-866-2897

9 India Blue peachicks hatched in June 2020, they are starting to get real colorful. Also have an adult peahen for $125 that had a clutch this year. They have been free ranging and very beautiful. They are used to people, friendly dogs and cattle around. They come running to your call knowing they are going to be fed. Enjoying the fun of raising interesting, beautiful peafowl and slimming down the flock before winter.

by Lisha Nevil on
State: GA
Contact Info: 912-682-4014

Coming 2 year old IB male $175

Coming 2 year old White eye Bronze/Silver pied male $225

Coming 3 yr old IB male $225

Silver Pied breeder male 3-4 year old $350

IB breeder pair 3 year olds $375

IB breeder pair 2 year olds $350

Because of working on the farm, please text or email first please or leave a voicemail if I can’t answer.

by Susan Trapnell on
Adult peahen available
City: Anderson
State: SC
Contact Info: grantrap54@yahoo.com

We have an adult peahen that has taken up residence in our yard. We have tried to find a local farm from which she might be missing - with no luck. We are feeding her and it is obvious she is used to a human bringing feed to her. Would like for her to find a new farm and home so she will be safe. She possibly has a nest in the lower backyard. Contact if interested in trying to get her.

by Robert on
Java green
City: Rockport
State: Tx
Contact Info: 361-230-0745

Have 3 java green peafowl, not sexed, parents from reputable dealer in Florida. Hatched 5/24/20. Mainly trying to find out what they are realistically worth.

by Michael Robinson on
Black Shoulder peachicks for sale
City: Liberty
State: IN
Contact Info: 765-580-1538 or robinsm5@miamioh.edu

I have two clutches of unsexed black shoulder peachicks for sale. Five were hatched on August 22, 2020 and four were hatched on Sept. 2, 2020. I will sell them for $50.00 per chick. We are approximately 1 hour from Cincinnati, OH and 90 minutes from Indianapolis, IN.

by Becky Eicher on
Juvenile Peafowl
City: South Rockwood
State: Michigan
Contact Info: 734-564-8700

I have 4 insexed Pea chicks hatched July 2020. Three IB one pied. $75.00 each. Cash upon pick up. No Shipping. Best to text me.

by Yessika on
Looking for peacocks
City: Miami
State: Florida
Contact Info: Yessylas@hotmail.com

I am interested in buying peachicks. I have 1.acre and want to get some babies or adults . Please send me an email and I will contact you immediately

by Jessica on
purples for sale
City: lynchburg
State: virginia
Contact Info: 4343195187

five unsexed purple Peachicks for sale. Born may- June 2020. the number listed above is a landline. no texts. Can and will send pictures to anyone requesting them.

by Avin on
Peafowl pair. One white male and one india blue famale.
City: Dover
State: FL
Contact Info: 3524411023

Mature white peacock and india blue peahen. Both are over 2 years old and will be able to breed by the next breeding season. Its 500 for the pair.

Located in dover fl

by FowlLover on
Seeking peacock/peahen pair in SC/GA
City: Hilton Head Island
State: South Carolina
Contact Info: 8433384709

Desperately seeking Pea-baby Pair! Preferably in Georgia or South Carolina. Thank you.

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: New York
Contact Info: 8453619239

Need to purchase a pair Java Green pea fowls. I am willing to travel a few hours to do a pick up.

by Steven on
City: Shumway
State: Illinois
Contact Info: 217-663-9410

Charcoal blackshoulder cock & blackshoulder white eyed split charcoal and pied hen. Cock is coming up 3 years old and hen 5 years old. $1,000.00

Bronze white eyed cock and bronze blackshoulder dark pied hen. Coming up 2 years old. $400.00

I will sell the males by themselves, but not the hens.

Location: Shumway, IL 62461. Please text or email for pictures.

by Mandie on
Peacocks yearlings
City: Jefferson
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 6783561041

I'm looking for a pair of jade spalding yearlings already paired so i wont have to b seperated when i get them to my home please send pricing for thanks

by Carter on
City: Garnett
State: Kansas
Contact Info: 785-204-2572

The peachicks are a little different in age but same price. $50 for IB and IB pieds and $65 for the whites. Please text or call if interested

by Janie Busch on
Peafowl wanted
City: Honea Path
State: SC
Contact Info: 717-818-4773

I am looking for a pair of peacocks. Blue, Green, or White

by Kristina on
WHITE Pair. 1 male 1 female 2.5 yr old Peafowl
City: Archie
State: MO
Contact Info: Jordanfarms@yahoo.com

Young adult pair. 10 minutes east of Archie, MO. They are white in color and aprox 2.5 yrs old. $800 for pair.

by Laura on
2Young peacocks
City: Seville
State: Ohio
Contact Info: 330-714-6182

2 beautiful healthy India blue male peacocks for sale; 5 months old, Seville, Ohio. $100 each. Call or text 330-714-6182.

by Dawn Davies on
Peachicks For Sale
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA
Contact Info: 412-916-4276

India Blue Peachicks hatched on August 20th. Available for pick up near Cranberry, PA. $100.00 each. 2 peacocks and 2 peahens are available and ready for pick up.

by Joey on
State: PA
Contact Info: 814-659-9589

4 blue peafowl chicks hatched 7/15/2020 for sale to be picked up in western PA. $35 OBO. Please text (814)659-9589 if interested.

by Maria on
Peafowls 3-5 months
City: Bessemer
State: AL
Contact Info: 2192105127

I’m looking for for peafowls 3-5 months.

by Carol Shough on
Peachicks 2 to 6 weeks
City: Graham
State: Texas
Contact Info: 940-521-4079

I have India Blues and IB Black Shoulder Peachicks available to be picked up. Please text for more information.


by ,Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

I have several pairs of one year old pea birds for sale. Later in the fall I will have much more: India Blue, Purple, White, Blue Pied and Blacksholder.

by Alex on
City: Jonesboro
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 4707235596

2 Baby peacocks

by Donna Gallagher on
City: Clarks Hill
State: SC
Contact Info: 803-341-1677

I am looking for a pair of peacocks. My dad wants to start raising them.

by Jessie on
looking for shipped peahens
City: reno
State: nevada
Contact Info: 512-376-0429

looking for pied peahens for sale or any really

by Erin or jesse Martin on
Wanted peachicks or yearlings
City: Fairhope
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 251.288.1033

Wanted peachicks.. or to yearlings. New fanciers of peacocks- family affair. Will be loved by 3 children. Previously showed dogs in conformation for 15 years.. want this to be my family's hobby and love together. Any colors.

by Victor Manuel Maldonado on
City: Hidalgo
State: Texas
Contact Info: 9566091094

I'm looking for peacocks of different styles I have blue and I'd like to have all the lines plus I look for them in small

Preference contact with message with information about your birds

by Jill on
Young male and female Peafowl
City: Loretto
State: Pa.
Contact Info: Highlander1499@gmail.com

All youngsters approx. 3 months old. India blue, raised by parents . Outside and healthy. Males $40, females $50.

by Winter Valero Lopez on
Interested in buying Peafowl
State: FL
Contact Info: winterval@gmail.com

I am interested in buying peachicks. I have 1.25 acre and want to get some babies to tame them in the patio. Please send me an email and I will contact you immediately.

by Coleen on
City: Hastings,
State: FL
Contact Info: Coleen

Have 5 male peacocks 2&3 year olds, Black Shoulder and India Blue for sale. Also have 4 peachicks about one month old- 2 yellow and 2 brown, indexed. The babies will be at the Farmers Swap in Deleon Springs this weekend. The others are located in Hastings, FL

by Golden Feather Game Farm on
2020 Hatch Peafowl
City: Marshfield
State: Wisconsin
Contact Info: 715-659-3892

We have peachicks for sale. 4-6 weeks old, out of NPIP approved flock. Local pickup in central Wisconsin or will ship USPS at buyers expense.

Blues $35.00 each

Blue Pied $50.00 each

White $55.00 each

Silver Pied $60.00 each

by Ashley S. on
City: Elizabeth City
State: North Carolina
Contact Info: 252-331-3620

Looking for a young pair. They can be chicks up to yearlings. .

by Eli Konopka on
Looking for peafowl
City: Southampton
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 267-210-7389

Looking for peafowl or peachicks of any age. Preferably India blue, purple, white, black shoulder or java. I have a large coop and nearly an entire acre of land fenced in. Just looking for some new additions to our family farm:) We have experience in raising peafowl and will take good care of them.

by nadia on
Yearling Male Peacocks for sale in New Jersey
City: hillsborough
State: nJ
Contact Info: nadia744@gmail.com

Yearling Male Peacocks for sale in New Jersey

by Dennis Dupuis on
Peacocks For Sale
City: Deland
State: Florida
Contact Info: 3524573266

I have 3 peacocks and 2 peafowl, last count 5 babies for sale. Contact me by phone, either call or text. First come first serve. First year of breeding pair. Will sell some singles but the breeding pair goes as a set. Babies are 1 week old. Price is $700 for them all, otherwise price varies depending on quantity taken.

by Elizabeth on
City: Boyertown
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 4842252327

Peachicks for sale. Various colors. Call/text 484 225 2327.

by Lily on
Green peacock
City: Scottsbluff
State: NE
Contact Info: lily.dove@hotmail.com

Looking to purchase green peacocks within surrounding area around Nebraska. Please email. Thank you.

by Cam on
Wanted Peahens Cincinnati
City: Loveland
State: OH
Contact Info: 5139109033

Looking for two young Peahens, we have two 1 year old males and they need some friends. We have a huge pen ready for them. Please text to 513 910-9033.

by Anthony David Hall on
Need a good home
City: Swanton
State: OH
Contact Info: Taco4602@gmail.com

3 year old blue male needs good home. Just come pick him up in Swanton Ohio

Job relocation and I can’t take him. 4194675298. Leave text.

by Charli on
Looking for hatching eggs
City: Williamsport
State: PA
Contact Info: Charli.murray05@gmail.com

Looking to add peachicks to our farm, would like to hatch the eggs as a lesson for our home schooled child, now with the Covid-19 seems everywhere I would have turned to is not doing it or they sold out. If anyone has any let me know. If not eggs we could try to use online and start with really young birds as I want them to be super friendly like all our other birds. Thanks!

by Brad on
Blacksholder peahens
City: Bedford
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: Bg1989@yahoo.com

I have 2 blacksholder peahens for sale both are around 4 years old

by Kim Bailey on
Peachicks for sale
City: Waller
State: Tx
Contact Info: 832-527-7821 prefer text

We currently have IB peachicks for sale for $75 ranging from newly hatched to 7 weeks old. Text for more info.

by Erdman Game Farm on
peachicks for sale
City: Herndon
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: pennpfowl@hotmail.com

I have oodles of extra peachicks for sale:

India blue $40, Black shoulder purple $55, white $60, blue pied $45, cameo pied $65, cameo $60, black shoulder/silver pied $65.

by Susan on
ISO a Peahen
City: Alpine
State: CA
Contact Info: Discerning@me.com

Searching for a Peahen for my white male peacock

by Kristina on
Purple, Pied, White Peachicks Available NOW!
City: Archie
State: MO
Contact Info: 816-682-0265

We have young chicks ready now. Many different colors. $65 to $75 each. We are about an hour south of Kansas City.

by Brent on
City: Santa Clarita
State: CA
Contact Info: Text 5403839140

Looking for Java green pea fowl- pair or single- In Southern California

by Aeris on
In Search Of a couple of Peafowl
City: Cambridge Springs
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: Hostageofgreyghost@hotmail.com

We would like to find a couple of peafowl to enjoy their company on our small farm. We had them years ago and now that we're both retired it would be lovely to have some around again. We are in a very rural area and have the prior experience and proper facilities to care for peafowl. Last time we hatched eggs and reared them ourselves but we are older now and young or fully mature would be fine. Since they will need to do sixty days of quarantine before moving to our pole building/barn we would ideally need to collect them well before the snow arrives.Please check the approximate distance from 16360-would like to travel no more than 1.5 hours to keep the birds from stressing.

by Mary on
Need a peacock
City: Mars hill
State: NC
Contact Info: Marycloud9@msn.com

Looking to buy or rehome an adult male peacock. I’m got a 22 acre farm outside of Asheville close to the TN border. I’ve already got a beautiful adult peahen that needs a male friend. Email me I want to give a wonderful life to your peacock.

by Staci Martin on
Looking for Pen Hen Mate for my Peacock
City: Flagstaff
State: Arizona
Contact Info: 520-309-1211

Hi- looking to find Sammie a girlfriend... in Northern AZ and can drive but will not ship. 💙🦚

by richard w on
City: burlington
State: wisconsin
Contact Info: richard

I have five India Blue adults, one all white adult male, three India Blue females and two Guinea Fowl(one male one female). They all co-exist nicely and want to sell the entire group TOGETHER.(262-210-4908 Rick)

by Kristen Richardson on
City: Brunswick
State: Missouri
Contact Info: 660-414-5452

Looking for peafowl in central Missouri. Hoping to get young peafowl.

by Joshua on
Peachicks In Virginia
City: Callaway
State: VA
Contact Info: 540-238-5468

Looking to purchase two peachicks as a pair. Male and Female.

by Mick & Erika Linsdell on
Looking for a female india blue 2yr
City: Ithaca
State: NY
Contact Info: 607 227 3376

Recently lost Female, Male sounding off calling for his mate. We wish to accommodate him ASP.

by Lisa on
Peafowl in Louisiana
City: Bossier City
State: LA
Contact Info: 318-741-2068

I'm in the market for peafowl in North Louisiana,East Texas or lower Arkansas area. No preference in colors.

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