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Average rating:  
 875 reviews
 by Darlene
2 White Peachicks for sale
City: Monroe
State: NC
Contact Info: Darlene

I have 2 pure white Peachicks for sale 1 week old. Not red eyed.

 by Have 15 different colors of peafowl for sale
Adult peafowl, peachicks, and peafowl eggs
City: Rogersville
State: Missouri
Contact Info: 417 527-3127

Peafowl for sale

 by John C. Souilliard
City: Alburtis
State: PA
Contact Info: 484-223-5230

Looking for peach or midnight peafowl.

 by Garen Elodie
Get a Pair of peafowl hatched last year
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Contact Info: elodiegaren@gmail.com

Young pair for sale, hatched and hand reared. Just decided that they are not for me. If new to peacocks please bear I’m mind that they need to be kept in for up to 6 months. Talk to me on elodiegaren@gmail.com

 by Susan
Searching for a peahen
City: San Diego
State: CA
Contact Info: 9542985037

I am searching for a peahen for my white male

Thank you


 by Joy
Lonely pea male looking for forever companion
City: Tifton/Rome
State: Georgia
Contact Info: (770) 714-4610

City: Tifton/Rome State: GA, Contact Info: Please text to (770) 714-4610

Posted 5/16/22 and will run through 7/01/22.

I’m searching for a pea female for a lonely 2 year old boy. He loves his family but needs his own special lady. Please message me if you have our girl.

Thank you.

 by Arthur Gunnels
Peafowl Chicks
City: Clio
State: MI
Contact Info: 810-686-4576

For Sale or taking orders for our 2022 Hatch of Peachicks.

We have Black Shoulder @ $40.00 ea, Purple Black Shoulder @ $55.00 ea, White @ $60.00 ea. & Silver @ $60.00 ea.

We also have 2021 Purple Black Shoulder Hens @ $150.00 ea.

Call or E-mail 810-686-4576 arthurgunnels@yahoo.com

 by Regina hall bernis
Peahen last years chicks Available now
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Contact Info: reginabernise@gmail.com

Peahen last years hatch so nearly a year old for sale good 5star home wanted not free range needs nets or enclosure she also been kept with others.Price is negotiable. Serious enquiry only.

Pm me on reginabernise@gmail.com.

 by Kerry
1 year old peacocks for sale
City: Perkiomenville
State: PA
Contact Info: 215-234-9280

We have two peacocks for sale. A male and female about one year old.

Must pick up. $150 each. Call 215-234-9280

 by Danny Witt
Peafowl for sale
City: keyser
State: wv
Contact Info: abluechipstock@hotmail.com

2021 birds, opal and cameo males $125, cameo, opal and indian blue pied hens $300, pairs for $350

2022 chicks $40-$60 depending on color, Hatching eggs $20 each, no shipping, text 301-268-5345

 by Chatoh Betty Serah
2 x Indian blue peacocks looking for good home.
City: Trenton
State: New Jersey
Contact Info: bettychatoh@gmail.com

2 male Indian blue peacocks looking for a good , knowledgeable home. One has consistently produced white offspring with our hen. They are beautiful boys but need to find a new home as we have too many boys, we don't want any money for them it is just important to us that they find a great home together or separately so please message with the type of home that you can offer them through bettychatoh@gmail.com.

 by Tammy Brooks
City: Luverne
State: AL
Contact Info: 3343420398

I have beautiful blue male peacocks for sale. $100 each. Must pick up. Located in luverne al.

 by Rita
Peacocks for sale
City: Okeechobee
State: FL
Contact Info: 7727770799

Peacocks ranging from 1-4 years old available. Yearlings $100; 2-4 year olds- $175. Local pick-up only. Cash or PayPal transactions only.

 by Shawn
City: Coweta
State: OK
Contact Info: 9186958353

Im looking for 2 peahens not sure how to use this site

 by Kai
Oahu, HI - Looking for peafowls
City: Kaneohe
State: Hawaii
Contact Info: Kailikwasson@gmail.com

Contact me if you have peafowls for sale locally!

 by Julie Turner
City: Waldport
State: OR
Contact Info: Turner@peak.org

Looking for a couple of peahens for my two males. Located on the Oregon coast

 by ross
peahen needed in Kauai
City: Kapa'a
Contact Info: rossshockley@gmail.com

looking for an adult peahen in Kauai...any leads appreciated - we have a very lonely male.

 by Adams Telma
Male and Female Opal/ Black Shoulder Available
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Contact Info: adamstelma5@gmail.com

Opal Peacock 🦚 male and female pair. They are a one year old pair. Black Shoulder and Lots of other colours available. Send me a message at adamstelma5@gmail.com

 by Brayfox Peacocks
Washington State Peafowl
City: Arlington
State: Wa
Contact Info: Brayfox@frontier.com



$300.00 each

CONTACT Karen Bray by email Brayfox@frontier.com

 by Rosto Jane
Pair of adult peafowl for sale .
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Contact Info: rostojane@gmail.com

3 year old black shoulder male 4 year old pied female. Unrelated not started laying this year yet.

Email me at rostojane@gmail.com

 by Jane
Pea hen need my boys all alone
City: Elk Park
State: NC
Contact Info: 239-777-3907

I’m in search of a strong hardy pea hen that can with stand the Appalachian Mountains… my females were gifted to me and they passed away. My boy is so lonely. He needs a new mate. He’s about 2 years old just coming into his train!!! Please message me if you have a girl for me..

 by Penny
Peachick female needed
City: Trenton
State: Florida
Contact Info: 412-973-6093

In search of a female peacock any age. Excellent home

 by Chester Lilly
Peachicks for sale
City: Oakdale
State: LA
Contact Info: 1(318)491-2437

I have 20 day old peachicks for sale Oakdale La.

call Chester 1(318)491-2437. $45.00 each

 by Susan
Young Male Black Shoulder
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
Contact Info: 616-633-4249

Hatched last spring (2021) male black shoulder. Beautiful bird. Would prefer pick up, as worried to ship live birds. Asking $125

 by Daniel Harbin
In Search Of India Blue Male
City: Trenton
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 256-503-3575

Hello everyone, I am in search of a male India Blue around 1 year old. I have 2 females that are a year old. I was hoping for a pair but it didn't turn out that way so I am in need of a male. Please let me know what you have. I am between Huntsville and Scottsboro but will travel. Thanks again!

 by Richard Simmons
Peachicks for sale
City: Tabor City
State: North Carolina
Contact Info: 910-640-7114

Taking orders for 2022 Black Shoulder India Blue peachicks. Call or text me at 910-640-7114 for details

 by GiGi
Pea Fowl for Sale
City: Griffin
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 4047312482

I have 2 male india Blue/Purple Spalding mix 2020 hatch - 1 white spalding male 3 yr old in July of 22 - 1 white spalding male 2 yr old in June 2022 - 2 2021 August hatch IB Purple males and 3 2021 hatch IB purple spalding hens - 1 2021 silver pied hen...NOTE hens only sold with a purchase of male.

No Shipping - Cash only - no cash aps or checks. Text me if interested at 404-731-2482

 by GiGi
City: Hampton
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 404-731-2482

White Spalding male - Purple Hen eggs for sale $15 each

Hatch results can be: white/pied/silver/iced/IB look with more brilliant colors. No shipping, cash only, pick up only.

 by Daphne C
Bonded Yearling pair
City: Duncansville
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: (814) 515-5588

Male and Female pair of India blue peafowl

They are both the same age, nearly a year old as of today April 6th 2022

They have been raised free range, are very healthy, incredibly friendly and will eat out of your hand

Will not separate the pair they are very bonded to one another

Will need time in advance to catch them for an easy pick up

Asking $400 for the both of them

Please call or text Daphne with any questions, thank you in advance

(814) 515-5588

 by Janette Prince
Peafowl for sale
City: Bellvue
State: Colorado
Contact Info: dprince01821@msn.com

2021 Peafowl for Sale

India blue pied males $125 each

India blue pied pairs $300 pair

India blue silver pied pairs $375 pair

Farm pick up from Bellvue, Colorado

 by Betty Chatoh
1.5 and 2.5 year old pairs of peacocks.
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Contact Info: bettychatoh@gmail.com

Pair of dark peacocks 2.5 years old, one white hen and dark cock bird 1.5 years old. All healthy birds only for sale due to lack of time. The prices per pair or single differs for all four.

Chat me up at bettychatoh@gmail.com

 by Shannel pinket
Indian blue peacocks for sale
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Contact Info: shannelpinket@gmail.com

I’ve got some Indian blue peacocks for sale, 11months old lovely strong birds, recently wormed, currently eating growers pellets, corn and sunflower seeds.

If interested send a message to shannelpinket@gmail.com

 by Gisele Carter
Available 2021 hatched pairs of Indian blue peafowl for sale
City: Crosette
State: Arkansas
Contact Info: giselecarter55@gmail.com

They will come with food,cage and paperwork.

2021 hatched pairs of Indian blue peafowl we have x2 pairs for sale. (a pair x1 cock and x1 hen). Collection is available if local or near me.

Talk to me on giselecarter55@gmail.com

 by Morley grains
Peafowl Peacocks and peahens x6
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Contact Info: morleygrains@gmail.com

6 birds available now to a good home. Mixture of peacocks and peahens approximately chick and adult of 2 years old. Healthy and semi tame, were hand fed at one point.

Please email for details at morleygrains@gmail.com

 by Robin Alessi
Peafowl for Sale
City: Grandview
State: Texas
Contact Info: 817-435-3909

Indian Blue Peacocks and Peahens, 2-3 years old for sale. $150 each. Pick Up Preferred.

 by Robert sanner
Peafowl for sale
City: Edinboro
State: Pa.
Contact Info: 8143237239

I have many colors available call for prices no shipping at this time

 by Chris
Yearling india blues and black shoulders
City: Bloomington
State: Indiana
Contact Info: 812-320-9433

Males only available at this time. $100 each. I invite you to like my page on FB (peacock’IN) to keep tabs on chicks or what I have available!

 by Julliete banks
Young black shoulder peacock. Approximately 2 years old
City: Boise
State: Idaho
Contact Info: jullietebanks@gmail.com

Young about 2 years old black shoulder peacock for sale

He’s in excellent health

Sadly having to to rehome due to neighbours who don’t approve of night time calling

Reach out at jullietebanks@gmail.com

 by Elodie. Garen
Two year old white peahen for sale
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Contact Info: Elodiegaren@gmail.com

Lovely white peahen for sale. She’s in excellent healthy and calm. Good for mating with a male.

Sadly having to re home as neighbours don’t approve of her night time calling.

elodiegaren@gmail.com is where you can reach me.

 by Courtney Lilian
Mature adult peacocks with full tail
City: Anchorage
State: Alaska
Contact Info: Liliancourtney77@gmail.com

Adult peacocks and chick available.

One black shouldered 4 year old peacock

One Indian blue 4 year old peacock

Used to free ranging but indoors due to bird disease.

If you want to talk to me get to me at my email through liliancourtney77@gmail.com.

 by Colleen Mitchell
Peacocks in North Texas
City: Argyle
State: Texas
Contact Info: (940) 391-1179

Over 40 Male Peacocks for sale. Blue indigo mixed with Cameos & mostly white shouldered hens. Beautiful mixes. 1-3 years old. You pick up. Will send pics. We also hatch Black copper Marans, Call Ducks, Guineas & Peafowl so chicks are constantly available.

 by Sarah Raissa
Peahens peacocks for sale Indian Blue
City: Little Rock
State: Arkansas
Contact Info: raissasarah44@gmail.com

Breeding peahens and peacocks for sale. Indian Blue. 100 for chicks and 300 for each adult. Only 2 peacocks 5 hens left! They are farm reared.

Reach me at raissasarah44@gmail.com

 by Julie. Hannah
Indian blue , pied and white peafowl, peacocks and peahens.
City: Sacramento
State: California
Contact Info: hannahjulie151@gmail.com

Available , Indian blue , white and pied peafowl. They are hatched 2021 and are around 10 months old . Blues can be sold as a pair , pied are a pair and whites are a pair . Small number of java green available as a pair

Suitable for homes that can provide a suitable large enclosure or plenty of open space such as small holdings and farms.

Please message for further details at hannahjulie151@gmail.com

 by Grace manila
Pair of Indian blue peafowl for sale 2021
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Contact Info: manilagrace14@gmail.com

Hi I’ve a lovely unrelated pair of Indian blue peafowl , all reared by parents , recently wormed, approximately 10 months

Also Indian blue peafowl. We looking for serious buyers. My name is Manila Grace.

Get to me through email at manilagrace14@gmail.com..

 by Slattery Justin
2 year old white peacock and 2 white peahens
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Contact Info: justinslattery65@gmail.com

The beautiful peacock is 2 years old and the 2 hens are 18 months.

Can be reached at justinslattery65@gmail.com

 by Karen Elizabeth
Pair of White Peacocks - 4 year old
City: Berlin
State: Connecticut
Contact Info: elizabethkaren894@gmail.com

Pair of white peacocks for sale. Also can do a trio of whites. They are 4 years old. Message with any enquiries.

Emails is elizabethkaren894@gmail.com

 by Sandrine Dora
Pair of Indian blue peafowl for sale 2021 hatch.
City: Baton Rouge
State: Louisiana
Contact Info: sandrinedora245@gmail.com


I’ve a lovely unrelated pair of Indian blue peafowl , all reared by parents , recently wormed, approximately 10 months

Also Indian blue cockbirds available.

Send me a message on sandrinedora245@gmail.com

 by Onealla Sarah
Pair of Silver Pied Peacocks - 2021 pair
City: Des Moines
State: Iowa
Contact Info: oneallasarah@gmail.com

I have a pair of last year’s Silver Pied Peacocks. Send any enquiries, but if this ad is still up they are still available. Thanks

Contact me on oneallasarah@gmail.com

 by Joseph Allen Miller
City: Worthington
State: IN
Contact Info: 812-227-9410 josephmiller01@icloud.com

I'm looking for an adult peahen preferably ready to lay this spring I would be willing to come pick her up!!!

 by Brad
City: Manns Choice
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 814-289-5365

I have several Indian blue Peafowl available all 2021 hatch. Some are pure Indian blue, some are split blackshoulder, and a few are split pied. I have pairs and extra hens available. I do not ship so they must be picked up in Bedford county Pennsylvania call or txt 814-289-5365

 by Bernise Regina
JAVA PEACOCK PAIR - 4 year old
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Contact Info: reginabernise@gmail.com

We have for sale a beautiful pair of Java Peacocks. They are 4 years old. Send me a message with any enquiries. These are available until the ad is taken down..

Send me a message at reginabernise@gmail.com

 by Maria Gina Henshaw
Opal and Pied Peacocks no hens
City: Dover
State: Delaware
Contact Info: Ginamariahenshaw@gmail.com

Have two peacocks, one Pied and one Opal, have lived together happily, no fighting. We are leaving our smallholding, so need to find a new home for them, plus they could do with a couple of peahens to keep the company. Sold all peahens to someone, but would have these as she had sold them to me originally. They are lovely birds, tails just getting to length, will be good for breeding with this year.

Emàil me at ginamariahenshaw@gmail.com

 by allison lopez
2 X Peahens beautiful good home only
City: Baltimore
State: Maryland
Contact Info: allisonlopez347@gmail.com

One grey and one white peahen in need of a good home. Home is most important and they will need to be kept in a run for the first 8 weeks. Preferable to go where there are some males peacocks. Sad day when they leave us.

They are free but we will only let them go to a caring home.

Email me at allisonlopez347@gmail.com let's talk.

 by Justin Slaterry
3 year Old male peacock (for sale)
City: Jacksonville
State: Florida
Contact Info: justinslattery65@gmail.com

-He’s 3years old male peacock with a nearly fully grown train.

-He’s an Indian black shouldered/ pied peacock with beautiful green tail feathers which are growing very nicely. No time wasters.

Send me a message at justinslattery65@gmail.com

 by Janette prince
Beautiful 2021 Peafowl
City: Bellvue
State: Colorado
Contact Info: Janette prince

Beautiful 2021 peafowl for sale

India blue pair $250/pair

White pair $300/pair

India blue pied pair $300/pair

India blue silver pied pair $375/pair

India blue white eye pair $375/pair

No extra hens available

Extra males are half pair price

Located in Bellvue, Colorado

 by Janette
2021 Hatch Peafowl
City: Bellvue
State: Colorado
Contact Info: Janette Prince

2021 Hatch Peafowl pairs

India blue $250 pair

White $300 pair

India blue pied $300 pair

India blue silver pied $375 pair

India blue white eye $375 pair

Extra males for sale half of pair price

No extra hens

No shipping

Located in Bellvue Colorado.

 by Horace miracle
3 black shouldered Peacocks for sale.
City: Wichita
State: Kansas
Contact Info: horacemiracle@gmail.com

3 male black shoulder peacocks

2 juveniles over a year

One 3 year old

Selling sue to lack of space and no females anymore

These lovely boys are well used to people and other animals but are sadly confined to a run as we now live near a road ,hence for their happiness a home where they can roam free is preferable

They Can go separately to good homes with other pea fowl

The younger ones have not had a full tail yet...

My email is horacemiracle@gmail.com

 by Bella Carol
Rare breed peafowl, chicken,ducks, geese and wildfowl
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Contact Info: bellacarol558@gmail.com

We have for sale beautiful rare breed poultry. We are set in the beautiful Welsh countryside and our birds enjoy the freedom it offers.

We keep



Silver pied

Indian blue pied white eye

Purple black shoulder


Buff Orpington

Khaki pekin

Call ducks ( white, khaki, chocolate silver, grey)

Egyptian geese platinum

Muscovy ( lavender, lavender white, magpie. Chocolate ripple)


Brecon buff


Red Breasted



Black swans

Guinea fowl





Speckled sussex

Marans (Wheaton, blue copper, cuckoo)

Marsbars (olive egg layers)

We are hatching eggs and youngsters

Message me on bellacarol558@gmail.com if interested!!

 by Debora Nadesh
Pair of Bronze Peacocks - 5 year old.
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Contact Info: deboranadeshkim@gmail.com

Pair of Bronze Peacocks. They are 5 years old. Beautiful pair. The male has his huge tail. Message with any enquiries. The peacocks are still available if the advert is still up.

deboranadeshkim@gmail.com is where I can be reached.

 by Daisy Annabel
3 black shouldered Peacocks for sale
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Contact Info: Annabeldaisy2@gmail.com

3 male black shoulder peacocks

2 juveniles over a year

One 3 year old

Selling sue to lack of space and no females anymore

These lovely boys are well used to people and other animals but are sadly confined to a run as we now live near a road ,hence for their happiness a home where they can roam free is preferable

They Can go separately to good homes with other pea fowl

The younger ones have not had a full tail yet.

I can be reached me on Annabeldaisy2@gmail.com.

 by Kristine
India Blue Peafowl
City: Ontario
State: CA
Contact Info: seamers@verizon.net

2021 Hatch India Blue peafowl; 4 cocks, 3 hens; Hatch dates between August 30, 2021-September 23, 2021. Also have some IB split to silver pied adults for sale if interested.

Located in Southern California. Can meet within a reasonable distance. Email request for pics. seamers@verizon.net

 by Kenroy Teague
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

We asre taking orders for peafowl eggs and baby chicks. We would offer 6 eggs each week when the birds start laying. Eggs must be picked up. We will offer chicks in sets of 6 for $300.00 two to four weeks old. No specific color guarantee.

 by Fabiola Gina
Breeding pair of Indian Blues with a 9 month Peahen
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Contact Info: fabiolarodriguezgina@gmail.com

Beautiful Healthy and quite tame. Having to sell because of move. Wonderful characters! Male came into season only last year. Good and caring homes needed.

My name is Fabiola.

Message me on fabiolarodriguezgina@gmail.com

 by hendricks Cosmos
Breeding pairs of adult peafowl for sale
City: Cheyenne
State: Wyoming
Contact Info: hendricksgeorgettacosmos@gmail.com

Two pairs of established breeding peafowl for sale to suitable homes. Males -one 6 years, one 5 years.

Females two 5 years. .

I would like to sell established pairs together $600 the pair.

Males have full tails but these are just growing after moulting at present. Serious enquiries only.

My contact email is hendricksgeorgettacosmos@gmail.com

 by Delish Anna G.
2021 female Java peafowl and pairs
City: Philandephia
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: delishannagolden@gmail.com

2021 Java peafowl female, living outside. Can make an unrelated pair if required..

Send me a message at delishannagolden@gmail.com.

 by Bo
Peacock pair
City: Hopkinsville
State: Ky
Contact Info: Gypsoborn@gmail.com

India blues Moving can’t take the pair 1.8 years old 300 cash

 by Kristine Seamer
India Blue Peafowl
City: Ontario
State: CA
Contact Info: Kristine

2021 Hatch India Blue peafowl; 4 cocks, 3 hens; Hatch dates between August 30, 2021-September 23, 2021.

Located in Southern California. Can meet within a reasonable distance. Email request for pics.

 by Thomas Gerald
Peacocks - Adult Mature Males several available
City: Boulder
State: Colorado
Contact Info: thomasgerald151@gmail.com

We have a small flock of peacocks which are free-range around the house and garden. We have 11 in total, but we seem to have an excess of adult males at the moment so we need to find new homes for several of these males. Unfortuneately, we only have 3 mature females so there are no females available at the moment. The males which are available have all got very impressive tails and would be an asset to any garden. Although these peacocks are all free-range, they are friendly enough to catch as they are very keen to eat from our hands. One thing I would like to point out to a new owner is that it will be important to keep your new peacock inside a shed or secure pen for at least 2 - 3 weeks before allowing him to go free-range. Bear in mind that they are very good at flying! This will give him time to accept you and your property as his new home...

Email me at thomasgerald151@gmail.com for more details


 by Sabrina Schnarrenberg
Indian blue male, white female
City: Felicity
State: Ohio
Contact Info: sabrina@schnarrenberg.com

4 year old Indian blue male, 4 year old white peahen. Produced three rounds of 4-5 eggs last year. $500 fo pair.

 by Beaufort Way Farm
India Blue Peacocks
City: Atlantic
State: NC
Contact Info: 28511

Only 2 India Blue peacocks left. Hatched August 2021. $100 each until March 1, 2022, then $125 each. Friendly.


I do not ship.

 by Lee Carelle Ben
Palawan peacock pheasant hen 2020
City: Tempa
State: Florida
Contact Info: carellelee@gmail.com

2020 bred Palawan peacock pheasant female available , bought as pair but they are both female , kept indoors for the winter.

Contact me at carellelee@gmail.com

 by Kenroy Teague
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

Trying to downsize my flock. So I am offering for sale two pairs of India Blue peafowls. The males are about four years old and the hens are about three years old. Will sell in pairs only. Cannot ship because the tail feathers would be too long at this time.

Still have some 2020 males blue and black shoulder; and 2021 pairs in blue, purple and white eyed blue and single blue males.

 by Yolanda Adams cora
2 female Indian Blue peahens and 1 Indian Blue peacock
City: Providence
State: Rhode island
Contact Info: yolandacora6@gmail.com

3 Indian Blue Peacocks - 1 Male and 2 peahens. All of them are very friendly once they get to know you. They will need housing with somewhere to be able to look out of for at least 8 weeks to allow them to become familiar with their surroundings which should stop them from wandering. The older female reared a clutch of 3 last year - she will need to be protected whilst she is on the nest as they make nests on the ground so are susceptible to predators during this time. They like to roost at night in the trees and will need feeding daily.

My email is yolandacora6@gmail.com send me a message if interested

 by Irish Springs Peafowl
Indian Blue and Purple Peafowl
City: Bullock
State: NC
Contact Info: Mary Mackowski

2021 hatch: IB and IB dark pied, cocks and hens

2020 hatch: IB males, Purple males

Contact via Irish Springs Peafowl on Facebook or text 919-539-8157

We do not ship, depending on distance willing to discuss travel to meet.

 by Molly
City: Madison
State: CT
Contact Info: vanwervenm1@southernct.edu

Am looking for a indian blue peahen roughly 1.5 to 2 years old! Will make the drive to all surrounding states!

 by Celestine Barilla
Peacock young girl for sale to good home only
City: Austin
State: Texas
Contact Info: 332-203-5217

Young female peahen for sale with or without a male peacock

just need a good open home for her to knowledgeable people only..

Text me on (332-203-5217)

 by Bodie
Peacock pair
City: Hopkinsville
State: Ky
Contact Info: 757-839-2525

I have two pairs of Indian blues I would like 300 for each pair they are 1.8 years old

 by Mile Thierry Wayne
Adult Indian Blue Peahens, Pied, Backshoulder and White
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
Contact Info: Milesthierrywayne@gmail.com

Adult Indian Blue Peahens, Pied, opal Backshoulder and White peahens for sale.

Various adult peahens for sale , they will be laying this spring .

Available are Indian Blue, opal Blackshoulder , Pied and Whites.

Prices start at $100 for chick and $300 for adult for an Indian blue peahen.

Also available limited number of adult Java Green Peanhens...

My email is milesthierrywayne@gmail.com for more information.

 by Brad
Indian blue Peafowl
City: Manns Choice
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 814-289-5365

I have several Indian blue Peafowl available. Some are pure Indian blue, some are split blackshoulder, and a few are split pied. I have pairs and extra hens available. I do not ship so they must be picked up in Bedford county Pennsylvania call or txt 814-289-5365

 by Gary
Four India Blue peafowl for sale
City: Oxford
State: FL
Contact Info: Atwood Farm; garynsales@gmail.com

Four Indian blue peafowl hatched 6/1/21. Male and female available. $100 each.

 by Andrea
City: Greenville
State: ga
Contact Info: 7065942877

2020 and 2021 peacocks and peahens. Lots of colors $200 each

 by Lia B
2021 Bronze Peacocks - 2020 Blue peacock
City: Douglassville
State: PA
Contact Info: Bullfinchbarbury@gmail.com

I have 2 Bronze peacocks left from last year's hatch.

$125 each - both for $200.

I also have a 2020 IB peacock who appears to have white flights (possibly dark pied or white eye). $150.

I dont ship but I can potentially meet someone halfway.

 by Gaelle Halle Kim
Breeding Trio - Cameo Peafowl
City: Memphis
State: Tennessee
Contact Info: hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com

Breeding Trio of Cameo Peafowl. Proven and successfully hatched well from them.

Bonded group I would prefer to keep together. You must have a welcoming and caring home.

Trio of White peafowl also available.

Contact me on hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com for further information.

 by Chris
Peacocks and chicks
City: Bloomington
State: Indiana
Contact Info: 812-320-9433

6 month old peacocks all male

(India blue, black shoulder, pied, white eyed)

Adult pied peacock $250

Adult IB peacock $200

Would be willing to trade for hens.

No hens available at this time.

 by Kim Boo Cubbi
Peafowl Peacocks Peahens Peachicks
City: New York city
State: New York
Contact Info: deboranadeshkim@gmail.com

India Blue, Purple, Black Shoulder, White, Pied 2021 peachicks that are now ready to go to new homes. Chicks are about 5 mos. old and no longer under lamps. I DNA my chicks, so gender is known. Colors coming in beautifully! I also have some juveniles and proven breeding pairs or males available. Blue male chicks start at $100, pricing higher on various colors and breeding peacocks.

I am available at deboranadeshkim@gmail.com for pictures.

 by Ashley Glen
Beautiful Opal & Pied Peacock for sale
City: Newark
State: New Jersey
Contact Info: ashleyglen322@gmail.com

Due to a change in circumstances i have to sell my Opal & Pied peacocks, lovely birds go any good home.

Email me at ashleyglen322@gmail.com for more details.

 by Bernice wayne
Peacocks & peahens
City: Glendale
State: California
Contact Info: militorio9@gmail.com

We have some peafowl available. They are mostly blues. They are listed individually, but we generally sell them in pairs or extra males. The tails of the males are not quite grown out yet, so they will be a little longer than they presently appear.

My email is militorio9@gmail.com for pics and more information

 by Kenroy Teague
Peafowls for sale
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

We have some beautiful peafowls for sale.

One five years old India Blue male.

Two years old

One India Blue male.

One Black shoulder male.

2021 hatchlings

Three pairs of India Blue.

Nine India Blue males.

Four pairs of Purple.

One Black shoulder male.

One India Blue pied hen.

Three Purple pied hens.

Two years old $225.00 each.

2021 hatchlings $125.00 each.

I am looking for some new bloodline and would like to exchange a two years old white male for another two years old white male.

We can provide pictures.

 by Ana
Looking for peacocks for sale in California
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Contact Info: 9519035434

Looking for peacocks for sale in California, please contact me.


 by Kelly Wayne Astro
2 Female Indian Blue Peahens Peacocks
City: Little Rock
State: Arkansas
Contact Info: (332) 203-5217

2 x Beautiful Female Indian Blue Peahens. One hatched this year and one is around 4 years old, they are related. Live free range at the moment. Must go to 5* home only, may need to be kept in a pen to begin with to ensure she doesn't fly off and to learn where home is. Please be aware the males are quite noisy during the mating season (spring) and don't know boundaries so can fly off to neighbours gardens etc very easily so please make sure you have a suitable environment for them before buying one! Feel free to discuss this with me if you are unsure..

Text me at 332-203-5217

 by Sonia Buma S.
Peahen,Peafowl, Peachicks for sale
City: New York
State: Florida
Contact Info: Jacksonville

We breed peafowl,Peahen and Peachicks and we sell out to only homes with loves and care. They are of all ages and sizes. We offer affordable prices and give paperwork and cages for free. My email is allisonlopez347@gmail.com

 by Jymme Reed
Looking for a peahen for Kevin
State: GA
Contact Info: 678-836-4655 or jreed1964@gmail.com

Hello I'm located in Adairsville Georgia. I'm looking for a mate for Kevin. He found us about 4 years ago. He goes between my pasture and my neighbors pasture. I've never raised Peacocks before. But I think Kevin is lonely. We would play peahen sound for him and he gets so excited. If you have a friend for Kevin. Please let me know.

Thank you for all your time.

 by Myers Abigail Adams
All kinds of Peahen,Peacock,Peafowl.
City: Billings
State: Montana
Contact Info: legitpetbreeders@gmail.com


We have birds available both young and old.They are good with kids and other pets. They are always available for a new home. We have Indian Blue,OPAL,BLACK SHOULDER,GREEN,WHITE, ETC.

My Email is legitpetbreeders@gmail.com.

 by Falone Syndey Kiko.
Indian Blue, opal,Black Shoulder,White ect
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
Contact Info: hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com

Only serious buyers must react. We have available good number of Chick and adult birds ready now. They will come with food paperwork and cage.

My email is hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com.

 by Cora Reilly
Peacocks - Male & female 6mths old
City: Tempa
State: Florida
Contact Info: alexandertheresawelch615@gmail.com

6mth old Peacocks and Peahens.

Indian Blue.

Hatched May 2021.

Very friendly. I want these birds to be loved and treated with so much care. My contact information is alexandertheresawelch615@gmail.com.

 by Derek Santos.
Black Shoulder Peafowl Chicks For Sale.
City: New Orleans
State: Louisiana
Contact Info: mungaref@gmail.com

We have two Black Shoulder Peafowl Chicks For Sale.

They are from our Black Shoulder Peacock and Indian Blue Peahen and are nearly four months old, and roughly half of the adult size.

Offered for sale 'as hatched & unsexed', as we can't sex them at this early age.

They are ready to go to their new homes now and have been raised naturally by their mother. I can be reached through my email address at mungaref@gmail.com.

 by Agnes Perez Sia.
Two peahens good layers 3 years old
City: Cheyenne
State: Wyoming
Contact Info: legitbirdbreeders@gmail.com

Two lovely peahens about 3 years old. Good layers. Reluctant sale, they must be re homed together.Email me at legitbirdbreeders@gmail.com if interested.

 by Melanie
India Blue Peacocks
City: Mt. Vernon
State: KY
Contact Info: 859-358-0327

I have four 2021 hatch India Blue males, 4-5 months old.

$100 each.

 by Mathiew Cam.
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Contact Info: lorrycambel@gmail.com

2021 Hatch whites and pieds, unable to sex yet, $300 EA white and $200 EA Pieds. 2020 hatch whites, Pieds $5.. some 3 yr olds both cock & hens. No time wasters.

My email is (lorrycambel@gmail.com)

 by Wayne Kim
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Contact Info: deboranadeshkim@gmail.com

Peafowl young available!! 6-12 weeks in age. Wormed and treated for health. Various colors available including black shoulder, cameo, pied, indies, blue indie x blue pied, whites etc.

Serious buyers should reach me at deboranadeshkim@gmail.com.

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