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 797 reviews
by Gary on
Four India Blue peafowl for sale
City: Oxford
State: FL
Contact Info: Atwood Farm; garynsales@gmail.com

Four Indian blue peafowl hatched 6/1/21. Male and female available. $100 each.

by Andrea on
City: Greenville
State: ga
Contact Info: 7065942877

2020 and 2021 peacocks and peahens. Lots of colors $200 each

by Lia B on
2021 Bronze Peacocks - 2020 Blue peacock
City: Douglassville
State: PA
Contact Info: Bullfinchbarbury@gmail.com

I have 2 Bronze peacocks left from last year's hatch.

$125 each - both for $200.

I also have a 2020 IB peacock who appears to have white flights (possibly dark pied or white eye). $150.

I dont ship but I can potentially meet someone halfway.

by Gaelle Halle Kim on
Breeding Trio - Cameo Peafowl
City: Memphis
State: Tennessee
Contact Info: hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com

Breeding Trio of Cameo Peafowl. Proven and successfully hatched well from them.

Bonded group I would prefer to keep together. You must have a welcoming and caring home.

Trio of White peafowl also available.

Contact me on hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com for further information.

by Chris on
Peacocks and chicks
City: Bloomington
State: Indiana
Contact Info: 812-320-9433

6 month old peacocks all male

(India blue, black shoulder, pied, white eyed)

Adult pied peacock $250

Adult IB peacock $200

Would be willing to trade for hens.

No hens available at this time.

by Kim Boo Cubbi on
Peafowl Peacocks Peahens Peachicks
City: New York city
State: New York
Contact Info: deboranadeshkim@gmail.com

India Blue, Purple, Black Shoulder, White, Pied 2021 peachicks that are now ready to go to new homes. Chicks are about 5 mos. old and no longer under lamps. I DNA my chicks, so gender is known. Colors coming in beautifully! I also have some juveniles and proven breeding pairs or males available. Blue male chicks start at $100, pricing higher on various colors and breeding peacocks.

I am available at deboranadeshkim@gmail.com for pictures.

by Ashley Glen on
Beautiful Opal & Pied Peacock for sale
City: Newark
State: New Jersey
Contact Info: ashleyglen322@gmail.com

Due to a change in circumstances i have to sell my Opal & Pied peacocks, lovely birds go any good home.

Email me at ashleyglen322@gmail.com for more details.

by Bernice wayne on
Peacocks & peahens
City: Glendale
State: California
Contact Info: militorio9@gmail.com

We have some peafowl available. They are mostly blues. They are listed individually, but we generally sell them in pairs or extra males. The tails of the males are not quite grown out yet, so they will be a little longer than they presently appear.

My email is militorio9@gmail.com for pics and more information

by Kenroy Teague on
Peafowls for sale
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

We have some beautiful peafowls for sale.

One five years old India Blue male.

Two years old

One India Blue male.

One Black shoulder male.

2021 hatchlings

Three pairs of India Blue.

Nine India Blue males.

Four pairs of Purple.

One Black shoulder male.

One India Blue pied hen.

Three Purple pied hens.

Two years old $225.00 each.

2021 hatchlings $125.00 each.

I am looking for some new bloodline and would like to exchange a two years old white male for another two years old white male.

We can provide pictures.

by Ana on
Looking for peacocks for sale in California
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Contact Info: 9519035434

Looking for peacocks for sale in California, please contact me.


by Kelly Wayne Astro on
2 Female Indian Blue Peahens Peacocks
City: Little Rock
State: Arkansas
Contact Info: (332) 203-5217

2 x Beautiful Female Indian Blue Peahens. One hatched this year and one is around 4 years old, they are related. Live free range at the moment. Must go to 5* home only, may need to be kept in a pen to begin with to ensure she doesn't fly off and to learn where home is. Please be aware the males are quite noisy during the mating season (spring) and don't know boundaries so can fly off to neighbours gardens etc very easily so please make sure you have a suitable environment for them before buying one! Feel free to discuss this with me if you are unsure..

Text me at 332-203-5217

by Sonia Buma S. on
Peahen,Peafowl, Peachicks for sale
City: New York
State: Florida
Contact Info: Jacksonville

We breed peafowl,Peahen and Peachicks and we sell out to only homes with loves and care. They are of all ages and sizes. We offer affordable prices and give paperwork and cages for free. My email is allisonlopez347@gmail.com

by Queen Jennifer on
Indian Blue chicks and adults for sale
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Contact Info: heatherglen372@gmail.com

We have birds ready for sale now.We sell them in pairs and we give Discounts!! Email me at heatherglen372@gmail.com for more details.

Merry Christmas

by Jymme Reed on
Looking for a peahen for Kevin
State: GA
Contact Info: 678-836-4655 or jreed1964@gmail.com

Hello I'm located in Adairsville Georgia. I'm looking for a mate for Kevin. He found us about 4 years ago. He goes between my pasture and my neighbors pasture. I've never raised Peacocks before. But I think Kevin is lonely. We would play peahen sound for him and he gets so excited. If you have a friend for Kevin. Please let me know.

Thank you for all your time.

by Myers Abigail Adams on
All kinds of Peahen,Peacock,Peafowl.
City: Billings
State: Montana
Contact Info: legitpetbreeders@gmail.com


We have birds available both young and old.They are good with kids and other pets. They are always available for a new home. We have Indian Blue,OPAL,BLACK SHOULDER,GREEN,WHITE, ETC.

My Email is legitpetbreeders@gmail.com.

by Falone Syndey Kiko. on
Indian Blue, opal,Black Shoulder,White ect
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
Contact Info: hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com

Only serious buyers must react. We have available good number of Chick and adult birds ready now. They will come with food paperwork and cage.

My email is hermelindavanellillr67@gmail.com.

by Cora Reilly on
Peacocks - Male & female 6mths old
City: Tempa
State: Florida
Contact Info: alexandertheresawelch615@gmail.com

6mth old Peacocks and Peahens.

Indian Blue.

Hatched May 2021.

Very friendly. I want these birds to be loved and treated with so much care. My contact information is alexandertheresawelch615@gmail.com.

by Derek Santos. on
Black Shoulder Peafowl Chicks For Sale.
City: New Orleans
State: Louisiana
Contact Info: mungaref@gmail.com

We have two Black Shoulder Peafowl Chicks For Sale.

They are from our Black Shoulder Peacock and Indian Blue Peahen and are nearly four months old, and roughly half of the adult size.

Offered for sale 'as hatched & unsexed', as we can't sex them at this early age.

They are ready to go to their new homes now and have been raised naturally by their mother. I can be reached through my email address at mungaref@gmail.com.

by Agnes Perez Sia. on
Two peahens good layers 3 years old
City: Cheyenne
State: Wyoming
Contact Info: legitbirdbreeders@gmail.com

Two lovely peahens about 3 years old. Good layers. Reluctant sale, they must be re homed together.Email me at legitbirdbreeders@gmail.com if interested.

by Melanie on
India Blue Peacocks
City: Mt. Vernon
State: KY
Contact Info: 859-358-0327

I have four 2021 hatch India Blue males, 4-5 months old.

$100 each.

by Mathiew Cam. on
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Contact Info: lorrycambel@gmail.com

2021 Hatch whites and pieds, unable to sex yet, $300 EA white and $200 EA Pieds. 2020 hatch whites, Pieds $5.. some 3 yr olds both cock & hens. No time wasters.

My email is (lorrycambel@gmail.com)

by Wayne Kim on
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Contact Info: deboranadeshkim@gmail.com

Peafowl young available!! 6-12 weeks in age. Wormed and treated for health. Various colors available including black shoulder, cameo, pied, indies, blue indie x blue pied, whites etc.

Serious buyers should reach me at deboranadeshkim@gmail.com.

by Mary Vani. on
Peafowl.Peachick,Peahen Available.
City: Baltimore
State: maryland
Contact Info: maryyt619@gmail.com

We have birds available now for sale. They are ready for a new home.

For more information send me a message on maryyt619@gmail.com


by Brad on
City: Manns Choice
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 814-289-5365

This is for pickup only I do not ship

2021 hatch

Blackshoulder male

Blackshoulder female $150

they may be white eye

Blackshoulder from peach and purple pen

1 male

1 female

Opal males some will be split purple

Taupe females


Blackshoulder hen

2020 hatch

Indian blue possibly split peach male

Indian blue pied male

Indian blue pied hens

by Sandy on
City: Lower Lake
State: California
Contact Info: 707-350-1937

Purple Male

by Peafowl Enthusiast | Nov 25, 2021 | Peafowl Photos

Purple Male

(Pavo cristatus mutation purple)

This mutation has the same color pattern as the India Blue male. The crest, head, and neck are a deeper blue than the India Blue, and show a distinct purple irradiance when in direct sunlight. The primary wing feathers are dark brown and the barred feathers are a creamy tan much like the Cameo. The saddle and train are lighter than the India Blue in color, also showing a distinct purple irradiance when in direct sunlight. Purple bred to Purple breed true.

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: NY
Contact Info: 8453619239

I have these peafowls for sale

These older birds are going at $200.00 each

2 India Blue males 2020 hatchlings

1 Blackshoulder Male 2020 hatchling

1 Purple Black shoulder male 2020 hatchling

These birds are going at $100.00 each.

6 pairs of India Blue 2021 hatchlings

6 India Blue male 2021 hatchlings

3 Pairs of Purple 2021 hatchlings

7 Purple hens 2021 hatchlings

1 Purple pied hen 2021 hatchling

1 Blackshoulder male 2021 hatchling

I also have some younger birds that I do not the sex of. These I will sell as unsexed for $75.00 each.

by Venessa on
LOOKING FOR 10 Peafowl chicks!
City: leawood
State: KS
Contact Info: venessaelise@deffenbaughllc.com

I am looking for 10 or less peafowl chicks! Willing to drive and pickup!!

by Joanna on
Pea hen and pea chicks for sale
City: Chickamauga
State: GA
Contact Info: Jojolynn2011@gmail.com or 4232444029

Have India blue pea hen 4 years old very attentive teaching mother lays 5 eggs each laying so far. Father was india blue male with full thick spread. But he passed away. Have three pachicks four months old. Two male one female. (Almost sure of sex. Havent been wrong yet ) Chicks very healthy Would like 60 each for the chicks and 100 for adult female. Would have to pick up. I have no way to deliver. Please contact me via email jojolynn2011@gmail or text to 423-244-4029.

by GiGi McIntosh on
Yearlings & Peachicks
State: GA
Contact Info: 4047312482

Peacock yearlings $140 - $250. Chicks 3-6 months old $90-$125 Must see pictures. All from India Blue White Spalding father and Purple Mother. Have a few Pieds, silver iced left, mixed variety of colors some have IB look but more colorful due to Purple mom, Have 2 solid white males. All are very socialized, Hand fed, some will allow petting and try to get in your lap, very spoiled and have good personalities. Chicks are not on ground yet but most are old enough to go on ground. Normally only sell hens with a male but "may" be negotiated. No Shipping, cash only, to good homes only! Please call or best to text me at 404-731-2482

by Jeannine on
Looking for young peacock pair
City: Cranberry Twp
State: PA
Contact Info: 724-816-5720

We have a farm in Cranberry Twp PA , north of Pittsburgh and recently lost our peacock that we had as a pet for 16 years and we’d love to get a young pair again.

by Barbara Austin on
Peacocks for Sale
City: Townsend
State: GA
Contact Info: 4047547989

Young India Blue and Spalding Green peacocks for sale in South Georgia- Very friendly, hand-raised and available to good homes and good humans only

by Dan on
India Blue Adult Male
City: Marlton
State: New Jersey
Contact Info: 6097245377

I have beautiful India Blue male peacocks available. Three year old adult breeding age males. $350 each. No hens available at this time. Please inquire about peachicks availability from May to August or ask to be placed on out waiting list. Pick up at our farm in Marlton New Jersey only, no shipping. You can call or text anytime. Thanks!

by Nicole Rowles on
Peachicks for sale
City: Snow shoe
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 8143603561

Born last week of July 2021- 1 male, 1 female, indian blue/pied. $70 each. Can email or text pictures.

by Nancy Kaufman on
Peachicks for sale
City: Walton
State: Kansas
Contact Info: 6209471595

Earlier post failed to list contact info correctly, so Take 2! Peachicks 3, India blue, $50 each

by Nancy Kaufman on
Peachicks for sale
City: Walton
State: Kansas
Contact Info: Text , call or email

We have 3 cute peachicks for sale, $50 each. Parents are India blue. Chicks are 2 1/2 months old. No shipping. Pickup only, cash. They are family farm raised.

by Miss Wilson on
Yearling Male Silver Pied x India Blue
City: Snyder County
State: PA
Contact Info: 570-765-3367

Hello! I have a yearling male for sale for $275 who is in need of a loving new home. He is a brilliant young bird with lots of potential. His father is a silver pied and his mother an India blue. He is very friendly and can be handled. I have him click trained to go into his house at night. He is very sweet and will eat out of hands, closer to night he enjoys being carried/ pet. Any questions at all please email (awilson7002@gmail.com) or text me at(570-765-3367)! I do not ship for the safety of my birds and buyers, thank you for the understanding.

by Erdman Game Farm on
City: Herndon
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: pennpfowl@hotmail.com

I am able to tell what some of my older chicks are, so I have sexed birds for sale from 2021

3 Pair of India blues $135

1 Pair of black shoulder silver pieds $250

3 Black shoulder pairs $135

Purple white eye female $125

Charcoal male $200

4 Black shoulder silver pied males $125 each

Also orange females $250

Plus I still have straight run chicks

White $60

2 India blue chicks $40

Blue white eye $45

3 Purple white eye $60

Black shoulder $40

Email for pics or go to Erdman Game Farm on Facebook

NPIP 23-357

by Sarah on
I need help
City: Paso
State: CA
Contact Info: 8052861272

I'm looking to interview peacock farmers for a project in my animal production class. If you could answer a few questions please text me.

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: New York
Contact Info: 8453619239

We have 2021 hatchlings of peafowls for sale. We have India blue, black shoulder, purple, purple pied, white , and India blue pied.

by Debbie Knight on
Peacocks for sale
City: South Charleston
State: WV
Contact Info: 3045434662

6 white peacocks unsexed 5 months 100 a piece babies still under alight Indian blue and Pied 50 apiece 6 ! purple female 6 months 125

by Jelina on
Looking for peachicks in my area
City: Oxford
State: PA
Contact Info: 9192717066

Looking for young peachicks in my area, sexed or unsexed is fine

Willing to drive a few hours

Text or calls only!

by Sarah on
Looking for peacocks
City: paso robles
State: CA
Contact Info: 8052861272

I'm looking for peacock/peachicks in Ca

by Jelina on
Looking for Pea chicks, sexed
City: Oxford
State: PA
Contact Info: 919-271-7066

Looking for peahens; Currently have a flock of 14 chickens and ducks, all female, so any peachicks must be FEMALE

(Preferably Hatchlings as they are cheaper)

by Trisha Myers on
Young peachicks for sale
City: Mc Cormick
State: SC
Contact Info: 8032922415

4 months old, 2 Indian Blue cocks, 1 pied hen. $100.

by Janet G McIntosh on
Peachicks and Yearlings
State: GA
Contact Info: 4047312482

Peachicks $55/ea Father white spalding and Mother pure purple; Peacock yearlings: White Males $200/ea; IB mix Purple males $140/ea and Hens $200/ea. All very friendly, will eat out of your hand, most will let you touch/pet them very social loves attention. Cash only/no shipping. Gigi in Hampton GA call or text 404-731-2482

by Erdman Game Farm on
City: Herndon
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 5704253364

For Sale:

2 yr old white female $250

2021 hatch charcoal males $200

2021 black shoulder silver pied male $125

Can send pic through email if you want to see them,

by Ken Parker on
City: Peru
State: NY
Contact Info: 518-643-8295

We have unsexed peac chicks that are 3-4 months old. $30 each

Adult breeding pair $350

1 year old pair $200

by Kenroy Teague on
City: Montgomery
State: New York
Contact Info: 8453619239

I have three India Blue, one Black shoulder, one purple black shoulder peacocks ( all males) for sale. They are one year plus old. I am looking for different blood line, so I would like to exchange a one year old white male for another one year old white male.

by Don on
Pied Chicks
City: Denver, Co
State: Colorado
Contact Info: Don

Pied & White Peafowl chicks $150 to $200 each

by Kerry on
Peacock Chicks for Sale
City: Perkiomenville
State: PA
Contact Info: 215-234-9280

Baby peacocks for sale, born July 17th.

$75 each pick up only.

Please call 215-234-9280 for more info

by Erdman Game Farm on
City: Herndon
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: pennpfowl@hotmail.com

India blue $40

Blue white eye $45

Whites $60

Black shoulder silver pied $60

Black shoulder purple $60

by Linda Effland on
City: Great Cacapon
State: WV
Contact Info: 3049477682

I am reducing my flock. I have two 1 year old peacocks, 2 peahens, also 1 year old. Two white spaulding peahens, 6 years old, good moms. 3 peahens mix of india blue and white spaulding, 2years old. Must take at least a pair. Will give a good deal if you buy all 9 birds..

by Danny Witt on
2021 peachicks
City: Keyser
State: Wv
Contact Info: 3012685345

I have a few 2021 opal and cameo peachicks. Contact me by email. $60 each straight run. No shipping

by Debbi on
City: Statesboro
State: GA
Contact Info: cyriuslee@gmail.com


2 Peachicks, 1 male 1 female

Approximately 2 months old

1st pic is parent...parents on site.

Gender NOT guaranteed...but I have not been wrong yet. :p




Emails and calls ignored.

I do not ship! Buyer must pick up in person in Statesboro, Georgia! NO SHIPPING!

by Johanna Vena on
7/2021 peachicks for sale
State: PA
Contact Info: vetvena@atlanticbb.net

7/4/2021 India blue peachicks for sale. $50 each. gender unknown. Pick up only

by Dan on
Peacocks for sale
City: Evesham
State: Ni
Contact Info: 609-724-5377

I have India Blue male peacocks available. Three year old adult breeding age males. $375 each. No hens available at this time. Please inquire about peachicks availability. Pick up at our farm only, no shipping. You can call or text. Thanks

by Laura on
Looking for Peacocks
City: Yellville
State: AR
Contact Info: willow32263@hotmail.com

Looking for Adult Peacocks that need rehoming. Males preferred but will accept females too. Have 6 cleared acres for roaming and plenty of trees for roosting. Wanting to enjoy watching as they roam property and watch males show off their beauty.

by GiGi McIntosh on
City: Hampton
State: Georgia
Contact Info: 4047312482

Peachicks 8w/o unsexed mostly pied $45/ea Parent Father solid white IB and Mother pure purple; Peacock yearlings Solid white Males $200/ea; White Purple mix males $140/ea and Hens $200/ea. All very friendly, will eat out of your hand, most will let you touch/pet them very social loves attention. Cash only/no shipping. Gigi in Hampton GA call or text 404-731-2482

by Daphne C on
3 Peachicks for Sale
City: Duncansville
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: (814) 515-5588

3 peachicks for sale

They will be available on July 25th 2021, at which time they will be 7 weeks old.

$150 for all 3

The chicks are healthy and friendly.

All 3 are India blues.

If you are interested please contact Daphne at (814) 515-5588.

by Leah Marie on
IB, IB Pied, Purple, Silver Pied, White Peachicks
City: Pylesville
State: Maryland
Contact Info: 443-655-2834

Hatching 2021 Peachicks now. Located in Harford County Maryland. I have 5 hatched now and more left to hatch in the next 2-4 weeks. Send me a message with what you are looking for. I also have (1) 6 month old IB Peahen $125

All Peachicks $50 unsexed

Pickup Only

by Julie essman on
Looking for pea hens
City: Yankeetown
State: Fl
Contact Info: 7862291761

Looking for pea hens. Have an India Blue male who is lonely. Willing to travel 3-4 hours.

by Daphne C on
3 Peachicks For Sale
City: Duncansville
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: (814) 515-5588

3 Peachicks For Sale

They will be available on July 25th 2021, at which time they will be 7 weeks old.

$150 for all 3

The chicks are healthy and friendly.

All 3 are India blues.

If you are interested please contact Daphne at (814) 515-5588.

by D.B. on
Purebred Black Shoulder Peachicks
City: Grand Bay
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 2518889991

I have purebred black shoulder peachicks. Peacock and peahens are free range heathy, beautiful birds. $50 per chick. Text or email preferred.

by Mary Hope Millet on
Looking for peachicks in Pa.
City: York
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 7179434232 call / text

Looking for peachicks, cockbird or hens, prefer pied or colored, have 2 solid white chicks now. Would like to have them asap to raise with baby chickens. This will be a great home, excellent and varied diet including fruits and protein as well ad free range spring thru fall.

by Todd Donovan on
City: McHenry
Contact Info: 6016739198

India blue, one year old peacock $75. Moving and can't take.

Call, text or Email todd.donovan78@gmail.com

by Aiden on
Looking for peachicks
City: Detroit lakes
State: Minnesota
Contact Info: 218 849 1511

Hello, I am looking for peachicks/eggs in my area! Thanks!

by Katie on
Peahen forsale
City: Taylorsville
State: Kentucky
Contact Info: 5024033017

Peahen for sale 3 years old great sitter $275.00

by Kay Rousseau on
City: Lamont
State: FL
Contact Info: 8505910290

2021 peachicks for sale - India Blue and India Blue/Black Shoulder

$50 each - unsexed

Pickup only

by Katie Ferguson on
Peafowl for sale
City: Taylorsville
State: Kentucky
Contact Info: 5024o33017

Peafowl for sale 12 weeks old $50

by Dorothy McLamb on
Peacocks, turkeys & chickens
City: Linden
State: North Carolina
Contact Info: 910-890-2809

I’m selling everything. Got to take care of my disabled husband...

If you're interested, here's my list:

3 grown black shoulder hens & 2 male (3 & 4 years old) $500 each or All for $2,000

(2) 1 year old male Peacocks $200 each (both $350)

White peacocks $600 each

or All 3 for $1500..,

1 male & 2 female(7-8 yrs old)

Grown turkeys: 3 year old

5 female, 2 male $50 each


Rhode Island Red &

Dominecker Roosters $25 ea

My # 910-890-2809

by Dan welch on
Looking for a breeding pair
City: Kingston Springs
State: Tn
Contact Info: 6514426769

I’m looking for a breeding pair of peacocks possibly 2 peacocks and one peahen preferably a year old or or younger. I’m not very particular about color just want lots of colors, not interested in white. I live 25 min west of Nashville and willing to drive about 4 hours each way. I would like to get at least a breeding pair by September so I can work with them before it gets too chilly,please email me or call my cell that’s listed. Thanks

by John on
City: Hemlock
State: NY
Contact Info: 3155605958

I am looking for and Indian blue male at least 1 year old please contact me if you have one for sale

by Mike on
peafowl for sale
City: Shell Rock
State: IA
Contact Info: minerm41@yahoo.com

Have two peahens and two peacocks for sale. Will only sell as a male/female pairing. All four are 2.5 years old.

by Jaime on
Peafowl Wanted in AL
City: Gadsden
State: Alabama
Contact Info: Jaimedes@yahoo.com

Looking for Peafowl, any age or gender. Willing to travel a couple hours from Gadsden AL for pickup.

by Trisha Myers on
City: Parksville
State: South Carolina
Contact Info: 8032922415

12 week old peachicks for sale in SC. India blue. Not yet sexed but can be. $100 each.

by Jamie Myall on
3 y/o all white peacock
City: Mason
State: MI
Contact Info: 517-507-6299

I have a three-year-old healthy male pure white peacock for sale. Moving and I can’t take him with me. $500 or best offer

by GiGi McIntosh on
Peafowl for sale
City: Hampton
State: GA
Contact Info: 4047312482

The father is White Spalding, Mother is Purple to the following: Peachicks 8wks $45ea unsexed. Yearlings: 2 Solid White Males $240ea, colored like IB Males $140ea; Hens $200ea. Iced/Silver/Pied. All friendly, will eat out of your hand, most will let you touch them.

NO Shipping/Pick up only - Cash only. Call/text 404-731-2482 GiGi McIntosh

by Cynthia DiLauro on
Peafowl for sale
City: Cuyahoga Falls
State: Ohio
Contact Info: cynthiadilauro@yahoo.com

Indian blue black shoulder silver pied year old peahens and peacocks for sale for $150 each

by Shelby on
Peachicks for sale
City: Glendale
State: Arizona
Contact Info: Please Email crossroads.shelbyj@gmail.com

Peachicks for sale in Glendale/Phoenix Arizona. Please reach out via email if interested.

by Xavier Dean on
Peacocks for sale
City: Georgetown
State: Illinois
Contact Info: x.dean.ndls@gmail.com

I have two extra peacocks for sale. One India blue male, one-year-old. One white male, one-year-old. Will trade for peahens.

by Neal on
Adult peacocks for sale
City: Wilton
State: Ca
Contact Info: 9168064202

I have adult peacocks. Peach, green Spaulding, white Spaulding, Java white eye. Pied hens, purple pied hen, etc 3-4 years old ,

by Kristina on
Peachicks available now! Rare Colors
City: Archie
State: MO
Contact Info: 816-682-0265

Pieds, white, purple, Violete, silver pied, and regular India blue as well. We also have black shoulder and white eye. . Chicks are $75 each. We are near Archie, Mo

by John C. Souilliard on
Looking for peachicks, peahens, or peacocks
City: Alburtis
State: Pa
Contact Info: by email

Looking for peafowl of all ages and sex.

by Jennifer on
Looking for Peacock (Common)
City: Orlando
State: FL
Contact Info: Email Please

Looking for 1-2 Indian/Common Peacocks. Please email with photos, age, and price. Thanks!

by Liz on
Looking to buy a peahen
City: Kent
State: Ohio
Contact Info: msedro30@gmail.com

I'm looking for a female peacock near northeast ohio.

by eli konopka on
looking for peahen
City: Southampton
State: PA
Contact Info: 267-210-7389

Looking for India Blue Peahens either at or close to breeding age. We have a single India Blue peacock who is looking for a mate. Willing to drive within 2 hours to pick up. Text at:


by Ashtin on
Looking to buy peacocks
City: Coldwater
State: Michigan
Contact Info: 517-212-5904

Text. I would like to buy peacocks or peahens

Looking to buy
City: missouri city
State: TX
Contact Info: 2819354354

Looking to purchase pair India blue peafowl in the Houston, Texas area.

by Chester Lilly on
peachicks for sale
City: Oakdale
State: LA
Contact Info: 1(318)491-2437

I have peachicks for sale $50.00 each call Chester 1(318)491-2437. only six left

by Connie on
City: Pembbroke
State: NC
Contact Info: 9107403189

I would like to buy a female for my peacock, I had a Indiana blue peacock. I can buy a trio if available. NC,SC, Virginia,NY.

by DM Brown on
Peahens for sale
City: Farmersville
State: TX
Contact Info: 4695859202

2020 hatch IB SP WE peacock for sale 150, 2020 female IB SP WE $200, pair $300. Super Nice birds! Text for info and photos. Pick up only.

by Conor MacGrath on
City: Plymouth
State: MA
Contact Info: 5082948124

Looking for a peacock in MA

City: Decker
State: Michigan
Contact Info: 5868795480

ISO at least two IB peahens to accompany my five year old male. Text preferred. Will meet or pick up within 100 miles. Cost reasonable please. I miss seeing him without a mate. Thank you.

by Carol Shough on
City: Graham
State: Texas
Contact Info: 940-521-4079

New hatched and 5 weeks old purple peachicks, pied and black shoulder for sale, text 940-521-4079

by Teresa Faulkner on
Peacock Indiana Blue
City: Tuscaloosa
State: Alabama
Contact Info: 205-310-2170

One Year old Indiana Blue Peacock 150.00. I will meet you up to 50 miles away but I will not ship.

by Travis on
Looking to purchase 2-3 peacock chicks
City: Sealy
State: TX
Contact Info: 8329225026

Seeking 2-3 recently hatched chicks I currently own 1 Indian blue female and she has laid 3 eggs but we do not have a male for them to be fertile. She watches them day and night and it breaks mine and my wife’s heart that they will never hatch therefore we are trying to give her babies with someone’s help. Thank you

by Savannah on
2 yr old Pied Peacock For Sale
City: Lebanon
State: Missouri
Contact Info: 4176640066

I am going off to college and have a pied indian blue peacock that I need to rehome. He is 2 yrs old and is friendly. He loves to follow you around, but do not expect to be able to pet him a lot. Please text 4176640066 for pictures. serious inquiries only.

by Daphne C on
Mallard chicks
City: Duncansville
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: (814) 515-5588

I have 6 mallard ducklings hatched April 23rd looking for a nice home, they are rescues. They still require a heat lamp, looking for someone possibly raising chicks who would like to add them to their flock. They are wild mallards and will probably migrate. They are free to anyone willing to pick them up. Thank you! Please contact me 814-515-5588.

by Danny comisac on
Peafowl for sale
City: Newringold
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Info: 14846618653

Hi I raise Indian blue, pied ,Silver Pied,white ,cameo, bronze, Opal ,Spaulding, and violet If you are interested in any of these varieties please contact me at 1-484-661-8653

by jenny emerson on
pair of india blue
City: los banos
State: ca
Contact Info: 2097040098

pair of 2019 india blue male and female. They mostly free range but go in the coop and are very friendly. $300 for the pair.

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