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 528 reviews
by Mary on
Want a pair or more adult Peafowl
City: Asheville
State: NC
Contact Info: Marycloud9@msn.com

I’d like to buy a minimum of one adult peacock and a couple peahens. I just bought a farm in Asheville, NC and I want my dream farm animals for a wonderful life. I can pay cash and pick up in my SUV. Looking for a pickup within 8 hours of NC. Looking to pick up in mid to late July. Email Mary at marycloud9@msn.com

by Joe on
Searching for chicks
City: Ocala
State: Florida
Contact Info: Ucfjoe@hotmail.com

Looking for three to six fowl. I’m open to various colors but would prefer to stay around 50/50 hen/cock

by Irina Chernomorets on
City: Ferndale
State: WA
Contact Info: 3602202975

I am looking for 4 of peacock baby chicks. preferably 2 male 2 female. Please let me know where i can buy those. Thank you

by Arthur Gunnels on
Peafowl chicks
City: Clio
State: Michigan
Contact Info: Arthur

For Sale or Taking Orders for Black Shoulder Chicks @$38.00ea. & Purple Black Shoulder Chicks @ $40.00 ea

Best is to call 810-686-4576

by Christina on
Looking for
City: Molino
State: FL
Contact Info: Littlemonstir@yahoo.com

Looking for white and silver pied peachicks to be shipped or for local pickup in Pensacola area. Please let me know.

by Aaron Veach on
State: KY
Contact Info: aaronveachky@gmail.com

Im trying to get in touch with the person in London Ky that has peafowl for sale

by JoEllen Finerfrock on
City: Odum
State: GA
Contact Info: Mijo1991@aol.com

ISO a 1yrold peahen for my lonely male.He is an indigo blue. I am willing to travel for the right one.

by Tony on
Peahen and peacocks for sale
City: London
State: Kentucky
Contact Info: 2704021235

Looking for Peacock & Peahens

by Rose on
City: Orange
State: CT
Contact Info: 2032310507

Looking for a peahen

Male peacock lost his mate and calls for her daily!

Please help call 2032310507

by Brian on
3 blue males 3 years old
City: Westsandlake
State: Upstate newyork
Contact Info: Brian.binck72@icloud.com

3-3 yearold male indeblue for sale or trade for hen or chicks

by Tonia on
Wanting India Blue Peahens
City: Burlington
State: KY
Contact Info: tspaulding@fuse.net

Looking for India Blue peahens in KY. If you have any available please contact me. Thank you

by Tommy on
Peacocks and eggs for sale
City: Hubert
State: NC
Contact Info: N7214s@yahoo.com

I have a new clutch of 4 eggs today as well as 4 in the incubator. I also have 2 green, 1 white and 1 white with green marble breast for sale. Email for pics.

by Cj on
ISO Hatching Eggs
City: Maryville
State: Mo
Contact Info: 6602150408

I am looking for hatching eggs. Indian blue or white. Also open to java green. Thanks in advance!

by Gallory Taylor on
ISO India blue peahen
City: Coatesville
State: IN
Contact Info: Gal.girl97@hotmail.com

In search of 1 or 2 india blue peahens for my two peacocks. Around central indiana, willing to travel 🙂

by Angie Hoover on
City: New Paris
State: PA
Contact Info: 8145025694

Hello, i am trying to get ahold of the person in Johnstown Pa that is trying to find a home for her peacocks. I have plenty of room and lots of love for them. Please contact me 814-502-5694.

by Julie on
Iso blue indian peahen 1 yr - 2 yr old
Contact Info: Snowcoach@frontier.com

I am looking for a mate for my peacock he is 1 year old blue indian. Ohio or lower Michigan.

by Emma on

Hello I’m looking to purchase or white peacocks and peahen Mature and or chicks for Santa Clarita Valley acreage pls text me 8183489988 I can drive 100 miles or so to collect

by Origato Gardens on
India Blue Peacocks one year old for sale $100
City: Hillsborough
State: NJ
Contact Info: nadia744@gmail.com

Please email. Located in Central New Jersey

by Breanna Mitchell on
Searching for white peacock
City: Fouke

Searching for a white male peacock. Please call/text 903-824-3807

by Sarah Lash on
2 Year Old Black Shoulder Male Peacock
City: Montello
State: WI

2 year old Black Shoulder male Peacock for sale.

Located in Central Wisconsin.

Beautiful, Healthy bird from a resort's flock

Local pickup only

by Jody on
Looking for Peahen
City: Yucca Valley
State: CA

Looking for a peahen in southern California. My Male lost his mate and is lonely.

by Chester Lilly on
City: Oakdale
State: La

Messed up first ad. Have 5 peachicks for sale four whites and one Spalding 35.00 each Chester 1(318)491-2437

by Tom Harp on
Peahens/Peacocks 4 sale
City: London
State: KY

Yearling peahens and peacocks for sale. Located in London, KY. We do not ship. India Blues. Also have 2+ years males and females for sale.

by Ava W. on
City: Apex
State: NC

I am looking for mainly a peahen but I will buy a peacock too in the state. I'm not too particular about color!

by Dale on
City: Athelstane
State: Wi

Looking for Buford Bronze Black Shoulder. Java Green also

by Gerard on
Looking for pair male and female peacocks 2 to 3 years old
City: Henderson
State: NC

I’m seeking for a pair of India blue peacocks male and female around 2 to 3 years old.

by Kerry on
Peacocks for sale
City: Perkiomenville
State: Pennsylvania

2 male Indian or common peacocks for sale. 3-4 years old they are brothers. Asking $125 each. 215-234-9280

by Jen on
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Contact Info: jenneicehaddon@gmail.com

I have 3 peacocks, a 3 year old and 2 that are 2 years old. I am looking for someone to take the peacocks that have a farm. I have 3 acres of land but I also live near a busy road. Birds do not leave their pen and that is why I am looking for someone that has plenty of land for them to roam. The birds are free. Please email if interested.

by Lauren on
City: Apple springs
State: Texas

Searching for peafowl close to lufkin area

by Teri on
Pen hens for sale
City: Grove City
State: MN

We have 3 junior pea fowl for sale, 2 male and 1 female. These were hatched last summer. Please email us for information and pictures.

State: Oklahoma

ISO White, Cameo, Bronze , IB

Peahen for my White peacock 1 or 2 yrs. Prefer within short driving distance s.central Oklahoma

by Linda on
City: Cleveland
State: Texas

Looking for an adult Pea Hen in or around Livingston, Cleveland & Houston, Tx area.

by Sam Fitzel on
Yearling India Blue and Cameo Peafowl for sale
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta

Yearling India Blue unrelated pairs for sale. Yearling India Blue Peacocks and peahens(depending on availability). Yearling Cameo peahens. Located an hour north west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Please contact for more information.



by Kathy Cahill on
want to buy mature pea hen
City: New Haven
State: Vermont

I am seeking a mature peahen for my wayward peacock, Kenyatta. I have a very nice barn for winter quarters and 14 acres of roaming land in a quiet village. Please email. I'm willing to drive half a day to pick up.

by Daniel Sosa R. on
Pastor retired
City: Alamo
State: TEXAS

I am looking for 1 male and 1 femel Blue India Peafowl or Black Shoulder Peacok one year old or younger.In South Texas (Río Grande Valley).

by Pat on
Green Peafowl Wanted
City: Hartford City
State: IN

Looking for Burmese or Java Green Peafowl. Located in East Central IN. Call - 765-499-5139

by Mary Brown on
ISO pair of blues in WA
City: Yelm
State: WA

I'm near Olympia WA and looking for a pair of relatively young blues. I had a pair when I lived in Ohio and miss them greatly. They will be pets so would like them to be accustomed to being with people.



by Mary Marnecheck on
City: Long Beach
State: MS

looking for a peacock 1 or 2. M&F would be great. Age prefer no older than 2

by Michelle on
Looking for peacock and peahen for Sw riverside cry Ca acreage
City: Temecula
State: CA

Looking for a pair of peacocks for homesite. Acreage

by Dani on
Looking for Peacocks
City: Granite Falls
State: WA

Looking for peacocks - babies or adults. Currently have 1 male and 2 females outside of Seattle. Will travel.

Thank you!


by Angela on
Pied Peafowls
City: St Augustine
State: FL

Beautiful India Blue Pied peacocks and peahen available. Single males and pairs. One year old.

by diane turner on
peahen wanted
City: Ocean view
State: Delaware

i am looking for a peahen ...any age and any color .... 302 344 7784

by Alex Finch on
For sale Peacocks and Peahens
City: Houston
State: TX

For sale, 1 mature male of 3 years with full plumage $150 , 1 young male of 1 year $150, and 3 peahens 2 years old each $150 each. Willing to negotiate for all or part.

by sheila on
City: Fallbrook
State: Ca

Looking for white male peacock.

by Matt on
City: Shelbyville
State: MI

Looking for a peahen near Michigan

by Tom on
City: Millington
State: Tennessee

I,m living in the Shelby county , Tennessee area looking for 1 male and One female peacock chick or adults. Will travel up to 100 miles

Please call (901) 870-3298

by Richard Simmons on
Peachicks for sale
City: Clarendon
State: North Carolina

Taking requests for 2020 black shoulder and India blue peachicks.

Price per chick will be $15.00 and up.

by Matthew Anderson on
Looking for fertile blue peacock eggs
City: Jefferson
State: GA

We are looking for fertile blue peacock eggs. If you are in the North or middle Georgia area and have some for sale please contact me.


by Alexa on
ISO peahens
City: Ruffs Dale
State: PA

I am looking for 1-3 peahens to add in with my two males and one hen. Any breed or age. Will travel for pick up.

by Christine Hansen on
City: Malone
State: WI

Looking for a female peacock. We have a male that is 9 months old that is in need of a girlfriend.

by Dale on
City: Athelstane
State: Wisconsin

Looking for a pair of Buford Bronze Black Shoulder

by Sandra Boston on
City: Ashdown
State: AR

Looking for a young pair of India blue peafowl near Texarkana Ar.

by Pam Schramer on
Wanted in Wisconsin
City: Lone Rock
State: Wi

Wanted peahen and or eggs. I have a beautiful peacock and broody chicken hens.

by jack on
what wil an adult breeding pair of Cameo cost
City: Bishopville
State: SC

What does a breeding age pair of Cameo cost..If you do not have a breeding pair to sell what do you think a fair price for a pair would be..in case I find some local to me...thank you

by Susan on
White male and blue male for sale
City: Wyalusing
State: PA

I have one white male Peacock and one blue male Peacock for sale they were born last July.

Asking $150 each.

Must pick up will not ship located in North eastern Pennsylvania

by katie on
Need Peahen for my male Peacock
State: TX

Need Peahen companion for my Peacock. He's full grown, well cared for, but lonely. Any color is fine, willing to drive around DFW Metroplex. Willing to go for chicks but prefer young or adult.

by Chester Lilly on
Peachicks for sale
City: Oakdale
State: La

Peachicks for sale one month old 35.00 each Call Chester 1(318)491-2437

by Marco on
Looking to buy peachicks
City: Marietta
State: Ohio

Anyone know of someone Im S Ohio or along Ohio River WV that sell peachicks?

by Cynthia Zirkle on
Need Peahen
City: Fairton
State: New Jersey

Seeking peahen, any color, for lonely black shouldered male.

by Joel hudlow on
Violetta male
City: Damascus
State: Md

Looking for 2 year old violetta male at reasonable cost unrelated to mine. Will drive 100 miles

by Rosimenia Queiroz on
City: Dorchester
State: SC

Looking for peahen for my peacock

by Angela Culbertson on
Looking for a purple peacock or chick
City: Shelby
State: NC

Looking for a purple peacock or as close as possible to purple

by Tammy on
Looking for 2 yr old or older Peahens
City: Sedalia
State: Missouri

Looking for 2 yr or older any color of Peahens as I have 2 males looking for girlfriends. Any color fine. please send picture age and price to my email or text 660 553 1009

by Rick Skelton on
India Blue Pea hen and M-F white Wanted
City: Blue Ridge
State: GA

Been following the site. Love to find a white M and F and an India F.

by Megen on
City: Salem
State: NJ


I am looking for a peacock for a gift for my mother. She recently lost hers that she had for over 30+ Years. This peacock was her pet, friend, and made her so happy and since his passing the farm hasn’t been the same. Please contact me if you have any information about how to get a peacock. She’s located in south New Jersey, as I am Active duty in the Army and stationed in Washington state. Please email emcee0716@gmail.com

Thank you !!!!

by Megan James on
ISO 2 male or 1M/ 1F peafowls
City: Chandler
State: Texas

In search of two or so males or a male and a female babes for around June or July. Willing to pay and commute. Thank you.

by Jacquelyn on
City: Newfoundland
State: NJ

Looking for white peacock (male) near NJ for sale. Open to other peacocks too.

Contact info@judneyfarms.com

by Matthew Daniels on
Looking for peacocks for sale
City: Cape Girardeau
State: MO

Looking for juvenile peacocks for sale please email me idigem85@gmail.com

Or call/text 573-576-0698

by Debbie Guelette on
Looking for Peachicks
City: Hartly
State: Delaware

Looking for peachicks. Located in Hartly, Delaware. Willing to drive to pick up within 100-150 miles.

by Mercedes on
Searching for peachicks or peafowl hatching eggs
City: Elk river
State: MN

Hi there! I am looking for a few peachicks or some peafowl hatching eggs to add to our family of backyard birds. I am located in central Minnesota and I am willing to travel. I am also okay with shipped hatching eggs if from outside the state.

Thank you!

by Brenda Nusbaum on
City: Saluda
State: North Carolina

Have 3 each 2 yr old Black Shoulder peacocks. $200 each.

by kim on
Beautiful Kc Registered Pug Puppies Ready to Go
City: San jose
State: California

Beautiful Kc Registered Pug Puppies Ready to Go

Beautiful pug puppies playful confident characters, vet checked, fleed and wormed. Microchiped ready to leave now. One male and Female Available. brought up around children.

Contact for more informations via Email: yaiharagomezgarcia@gmail.com

WatzApp +1(720)-722-7104

by mark on
City: Helena
State: OH

My wife and I are in search of peacocks and peahens or peachicks for our farm. Please send info of anyone who may be nearby so we might find a deal.

by Derek Hoerner on
White and purple peafowl
City: Billings
State: MT

Looking to bring back our peafowl! Looking for a white peacock, purple mutation peacock, and a couple pea hens. Located in southern MT with habitat all set! Eagerly looking, will drive if necessary...

by Paul Aviles on
Wanted white pea chicks
City: Barstow
State: CA

I contacted a seller in Michigan advertising white pea chicks. Now I understand that shipping will no longer be permitted do to scammers. But I would like to buy 5 white pea chicks. Thank you

by Elissa Pond on
India Blue Breeding Pairs for sale
City: Inola
State: OK

I have two breeding pairs of India Blue peafowl for sale. Born July 2019. Asking $350 per pair. Contact me at elissapond@gmail.com

by Deanna Miller on
City: Clearfield
State: PA

Hello I have an Indian Blue Pied Male looking for any female for him. He is 4 years old I lost his mate to an illness.please contact me at mdjsssmiller@gmail.com

by Fred on
India Blue peacock
City: Lebanon
State: Pa

I have a 2 year old male blue india ready for a nice home

Feel free to contact me fred1979t@gmail.com

Lebanon, Pa area.

by Suzy Kaminski on
City: Mountain Top
State: Pennsylvania

I would like to purchase an India blue Peahen to be a companion with our Peacock, Rajah. Our Peahen, Arunna age 7, passed away yesterday for an unknown reason. It appeared that her neck was broken. Our Peacock is 13 years old. We live in Mountain Top, Pa. near where I-81 and Rt. 80 cross. If you have a hen available for sale, please let me know. 570-868-3738 or email me suzykaminski@gmail.com Thank you. sincerely, Suzy

by donato on
peacocks for sale adults and yearling
City: Delano
State: Ca

i have adult male indian blues and also white and yearling avileable donato.duran@pandol.com

by Joe on
City: Houston
State: Texas

Looking for Peachicks for sale in our around the Houston area

by Lori on
Older Peahen Wanted To Purchase
City: Chester
State: South Carolina

Hello,. My husband and I rescued an adult Indigo Blue peacock (approx. 8 years old) a couple of years ago from a home which kept him in a small dog kennel. He did not have any feathers and had never been able to roost. Blueberry (his name) has now flourished into a beautiful friendly bird and has been free ranging for over a year now. I would like to purchase an older peahen as a companion If anyone lives near Chester, South Carolina has one they no longer want or can no longer care for. Thank you

by Darwin Kirchhofer on
Peacocks for sale
City: Shumway
State: IL

Available India blue,white, opal, bronze, cameo, spauding,pied.wanted bronze pied217-246-1835 or text

by John on
City: Castalia
State: OH

Looking for India Blue peahen and Peacock, to replace male we had for 5 years.

In northern Ohio




by Alicia on
Male peacock wanted
City: Scio
State: Oregon

Two peahens mysteriously appeared at our home (farm near a forested corner where people dump unwanted animals frequently) and we would like to get them a boyfriend. They are almost tame now and last year they set up nests and tried hatching their eggs, but with no males around they gave up and seemed rather depressed for a majority of the summer and fall. I can't afford much, but I'd like to get some prices on a male peacock I could come pick up in the Oregon area.

Thank you! ^_^

by Ava Williams on
Pied Peacock
City: Apex
State: NC

I am looking for preferably one pied peacock but I will buy a set of males too. Let me know!

by Don Paradowski on
City: St. Clair Shores
State: MI

Looking for a matured blue Peahen.

by Darwin on
Peacocks for sale
City: Shumway
State: IL

I have Peafowl for sale India blue,white,cameo,opal, bronze,Spaulding,blackshoulder,pied,silverpeid.Mostly yearling and some Breeders . 217-246-1835 or text also looking for bronze pied male

by dave Scheel on
State: CO

I recently had a devastating fire here at my ranch in Colorado. 16 adult peafowl were lost! I can never replace them as individuals but I am looking for pairs or adults for sale in Colorado or adjoining states to start the rebuilding process. Please contact me if anyone can help! Thanks

by Bekki Weaver on
State: South Carolina

Looking for a pair of blue hens for my male. In S.C.

Thanks in advance

by Cassandra mcdaniel on
Looking for peahenl
City: Snow camp
State: Nc

Looking for a peahen, color not important

by Collins Betrand on
Indian Blue Peafowl for sale
City: Waterloo
State: Iowa

We have a lovely quiet pair of unrelated black shoulder peafowl (2018 hatch) for sale. Beautiful birds.

by Wendy on
Looking for peahen
City: Cuba
State: Missouri

Looking for peahens. We have 3 peacocks and would like mate for them.

We live in Cuba, Missouri

by Leigh B Freberg on
ISO: Male Peafowl
State: MI

Looking for adult male IB peafowl close to Michigan or Wisconsin.

by dirrany james on
peacocks for sale
City: Manhattan
State: New york

I have some you peacocks for sale. Both sexes available. No full pieds or whites this year but most birds are carrying pied genetics so if bred together will produce Pieds.

by Leah on
Looking for Peachicks
City: Jay
State: FL

I am looking for a couple unrelated peach chicks. Would like to get a minimum of two females and one mail. Have 40 acres for them to grow, enjoy and populate

Please be within an hour radius of Jay Florida or offer shipping. Please send images along with pricing.

by Mrs. Kathlene Szymanski on
City: Ewing
State: Kentucky

Our year old pure white peacock,"Frosty",is searching for a "girlfriend-peahen"!!! He wishes for a female who matches his pure white feathers. And hopes that she is "ready to lay eggs" or "has laid some in the past"!!! We,his caregivers, live in Ewing,Kentucky.Please text or call: 216-536-7853.

We hope you can help him find "his mate". Her name will be "Snowflake"!!! We are willing to drive to get her. We have already traveled from Kentucky to Texas,to obtain other peafowl for our Clutch. "Thanks",from Frosty!!!

by Jamie Infinger on
Looking for Peafowl in South Carolina
City: Charleston
State: South Carolina

I am looking to buy a few peacocks/Peafowls in South Carolina- any suggestions??

by Cindy Harken on
Complete Liquidation over 50 Peacocks and Peahens, Incubators
City: Spirit Lake
State: ID

Complete Liquidation of over 50 Peafowl, Peacocks, Peahens. NPIP. Mature Gorgeous Silver Peacocks, 400.00 each. White Peacocks, Mature Males 450.00, hens 200. Pied Mature Males, Pied hens. Over 12 yearling to 4 year old Blue India Males and about half split purple. 50 to 150.00, 8 Blue India Hens 100.00 each. Cameo and cameo pied hens. Stunning Mature Black Shoulders 300.00. Several yearlings, Blue India, Pied, Purple. Please email for pictures. Dickies and GQF Cabinet Incubators 300.00 each. No Shipping!

Call 208-437-0184 or 208-755-9010 Birds are Located in Blanchard, Idaho.

by William H Gullion on
Wanted to buy peahens India blue
City: Pickens
State: SC

Interested in buying peahens. Please email

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