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What’s the Difference Between a Peacock and Peafowl?


Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of and seen peacocks, which are considered by most to be one of the most beautiful birds on planet Earth – but how are peacocks related to peafowl?

The name peafowl is the general term given for that bird family, and the peacock is simply the male peafowl.

The female peafowl is technically called a peahen, but many refer to the female peafowl as just peafowl.

And the peafowl chick is called a peachick! You can see an image of a peahen and its peachicks to the left.

The male peafowl – the peacock – is much larger than the female and is typically 40 to 46 inches in length. The peacock’s most distinguishing characteristic, of course, is its brightly colored tail feathers, called the train.

The 200+ feathers that make up the train have decorative “eye spots” colored in bright blue, green, pink, black, and other colors.

The peacock spreads its train, stands up tall, and flutters its wings to attract the female peahen, which is ultimately in charge of choosing its mate. That is why the peacock’s feathers are so extravagant compared to the relatively simple plumage of the peahen – it is up to the peacock to win over its mate!

Origin of Peafowl

Nomenclature of the Peacock

Peafowl Breeds

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Taupe Peafowl

Soft, gray undertone with warm, pinkish-tan blush that shows as a sheen rather than in iridescence. Head is darker than tail, but has same color tones. Peachick – Very light, warm gray …

Violete Peafowl

Male – Overall African violet dark. head and neck are very dark. Ocelli in tail feathers are dark purple, black and beetle green with dusky iridescence. Female – Dark blue-violet neck. Brown back and some purple highlights. Peachick – Dark...

White Hen and Chick

White Female This mutation is solid white in color. White Chick The chick is solid light yellow with white wings when hatched. Male and female chicks do not change color; therefore they are difficult to sex when young. However, if...

White Eye Female

White Eye Female The female’s color is predominantly as dark slate as the India Blue. The neck has a tint of green. There is a patch of white under the lower mandible on the neck. The upper and lower back …

Spalding Female

Spalding Female The female characteristics will vary from bird to bird. The crest and neck are more solid greenish-blue than the India Blue hens. Facial skin is predominately white with a patch of yellow. The overall bird shows more green …

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